Olight X-WM01

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Olight X-WM01
The X-WM01 is already in distribution everywhere!

Modern sporting rifles, carbines and shotguns − being patterned after military-issue designs under multiple points of view − already feature several attachment points, railed interfaces and other factory-issued systems that allow quick compatibility with a plethora of accessories, some more useful than others in everyday life. One of the most popular accessories thereof is the gunlight, a powerful lighting source gernerally mounted under the barrel or right besides it − in a parallel position − that will allow the civilian shooter or professional operator to quickly and easily illuminate the area the gun is being pointed at.

Olight X-WM01
The X-WM01 is also available as a full kit

Now, there may, and may be not, a wide array of situations in which a tactical gunlight may actually be useful; nonetheless, tactical lights are extremely sought-after items, for handguns, shotguns, rifles and carbines alike, and as a matter of fact the volume of tactical lights sold worldwide every year greatly outnumbers the sales of guns themselves.

And what about "common" shotguns? Almost all so-called "experts" agree: nothing performs better than a shotgun as a home defense weapon. And yet − apart from the most modern, tactical-style pump-action and autoloading shotguns − most double-barrel shotguns and generally all typically hunt-oriented models feature no attachment point for gunlights or any other accessory so far. But necessity is the mother of inventions, and there's plenty of solutions available as aftermarket add-ons to make your average 12-gauge hunting shotguns fit a tactical light for night-time home defense situations.


Olight X-WM01
A truly universal piece, the Olight X-WM01 can be attached to any round profile barrel on rifles and carbines

Under this point of view, one of the most interesting solutions we've been able to see and evaluate in quite a while now is the X-WM01 universal mount, manufactured in China by the Olight Technology Company and available worldwide through authorized Olight distributors, including Kentron in Europe and Olight USA in north America.

The X-WM01 is an X-shaped, lightweight aluminium alloy machined mount, whose lower portion consists in a ring-shaped, adjustable cradle that will fit any tactical flashlight with a tube diameter ranging from 23 and 26 millimetres; the upper, V-shaped portion consists instead in two powerful magnets that will allow attachment to any rifle, carbine, or shotgun barrel. 

The X-WM01 is sturdy, and the two magnets have an extreme attrition force: a discreet pull is required to remove the Olight X-WM01 once it's attached, and it will as a matter of fact stick to the barrel even if the gun is chambered for high-power, high-impulse, high-recoil cartridges. The only required precaution would be to avoid installing the X-WM01 too close to the muzzle: the combined effect of the recoil and muzzle flash together will still not be enough to detach it, but they may make it slide out and fall down.