Test: Medford Gentleman Jack GJ-1 slipjoint folder – A cult pocket knife

Gentleman Jack GJ-1 folded in its zippered bag
The Gentleman Jack GJ-1 comes in a zippered bag.

The Gentleman Jack is a slipjoint folder, which is rather slim in design and therefore fits gentlemanlike in every trouser pocket or suit without being bulky. The knife comes in a typical Medford bag with zipper. The obligatory "case" is therefore not used here. The first impression is very valuable! The blade has a nail notch that runs out like a "blood groove" almost to the tip and is milled out very deep, thus providing a good grip. On the "showside" the Medford logo is lasered in, and on the back side there is the model name including the steel grade, "GJ-1 S35VN". The blade is slightly concave on the back after the nail notch and thus tapers to the cutting edge, which is ground flat at an acute angle of approx. 18 degrees.

This blade geometry makes the knife extremely cutting-friendly for all kinds of meat, vegetables or other food. The "aggressive" sharpness is even suitable for bread without "fraying" it.

The scales themselves are very puristically designed in titanium and feature a horizontal milling in the upper fifth. The scales are available anodized in bronze or blue (the black coated version costs 20 US dollars extra). There are only 2 screws on them: the larger, beautifully designed pivot screw, which has to be opened with a 4-point tool, and the counter screw at the end of the handle (Torx).

The backspacer, which is also a backspring, is a piece of steel that stretches along the entire length of the back of the handle and ends in a narrow, elongated eyelet to attach lanyards or a clip for your pocket.

This is Medford's solution to the problem of the clip, which usually thickens the profile and is met with both approval and rejection in the knife scene. For a gentleman folder the only right solution!

The blade of the Medford Gentleman Jack GJ-1 knife
The blade of the Medford Gentleman Jack GJ-1 is made from high-quality S35VN steel. This ensures high and long-lasting sharpness.

About the steel of Medford Gentleman Jack GJ-1

The very high quality S35VN steel becomes extremely sharp and keeps the sharpness very long. Using a Wicked Edge sharpener it can also be resharpened or sharpened very well, with a Lansky it would probably take a little longer. Professionals, who sharpen their knives freehand on water stones, will surely have an easy game and fun with it!

The slipjoint mechanism works with a very pleasant resistance of the back spring and stops at 90 degrees. At 180 degrees, i.e. with an open blade, the blade sits firmly and without any play in the scales. You'll hear a full "click" when it locks into place and you simply feel that production tolerances in America are extremely low. Nothing wobbles here!

Test: Medford Gentleman Jack GJ-1 slipjoint folder – A cult pocket knife
When closed, the blade root of the Gentleman Jack sticks out slightly.

The Medford slipjoint folder is made in the USA

That the Americans are proud of it can also be clearly seen from the "Made in the United States of America" inscription. When closed, the blade root protrudes slightly due to its construction. Admittedly, this disturbed me a bit optically at first, but it fits the knife very nicely and is absolutely not noticeable in your trouser pocket.

The weight and the haptic design fit perfectly in every hand and cutting with it is incredibly fun.

It really is an EDC knife that puts Medford in a completely new light and expands the product range in a sensible way.

The knife can be purchased directly from Medford, or through dealers such as "themedfordguy", who declare it customs compliant, so that it can be delivered directly from the US to your home without having to pick it up at customs.

Made in the USA lettering on the Gentleman Jack GJ-1
"Made in the United States of America": Medford's manufacturing in the USA is also evident on the Gentleman Jack GJ-1.

Medford Gentleman Jack GJ-1: Hanna Selena's conclusion

I think the Jack belongs to every gentleman or style-conscious knife carrier and is a complete success. A very elegant and really "sharp" companion you can rely on. And yes: the premium claim is also noticeable in the price.

The original price of 375 US dollars in the USA increases to around 430 euros in Europe due to shipping (30 US dollars), customs and import sales tax, which seems quite reasonable for such a knife.

Medford Gentleman Jack GJ-1: all specs at a glance

Model:Medford Gentleman Jack GJ-1
about 430 euro (price may vary in your country)
Overall length:7”/178 mm
Blade Length:3.1”/79  mm
Blade Thickness:125”/3.2 cm
Scales Thickness:125”/32 mm
Blade Width:3/4”/19 mm
Total Thickness:9.8 mm
Closed Length:4”/102  mm
Weight:2.9 oz/82.2 g

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