Laser Ammo: new products for fall 2022

Laser Ammo introduces a series of three new professional and military training products, one of which is immediately available for purchase – the Flash Bolt laser dry fire replacement BCG, compatible with most rifles and pistols based on the AR-15/M4 multicaliber platform. The brand-new products are the CQB in a BOX portable reactive target system, and the Shot on Body wearable reactive sensor system, for force-on-force training. Additionally, the third party Gunshot Box realistic sound effects system is also introduced.

While All4shooters recently reviewed the Flash Bolt as the Laser Ammo WLB 15, let’s take a closer look at the other three products, starting with the CQB in a Box.

The Gunshot Box by Scenario Trainer, Inc. is stand-alone and a Smokeless Range simulator compatible add-on audio device that introduces realistic ear-safe gunshots on demand for training purposes – up to 125 dB!

The Laser Ammo CQB in a BOX is a portable humanoid size reactive target system that works with all SureStrike cartridges, conversion kits and Recoil Enabled airsoft based training gear from the manufacturer. It’s available as a base kit that includes 3 humanoid sized targets, each with 3 reactive hit zones, all contained in a special carrying case. The user can decide on target height or angle, and the wireless controller with shot timer allows for split time and total shoot time for each reactive target.

It's ideal for professional law enforcement active shooting simulation and room clearing training, in  scenarios with focus on Head, Torso and Pelvic Girdle shots and shoot / no-shoot situations. The CQB in a BOX uses standard AAA batteries and available additional shoot zones allow for smaller or larger target areas or “kill zones”.

A new wearable reactive sensor system from Laser Ammo that can be easily applied to existing clothing, load bearing vests, hats and gear, specifically conceived for LE force-on-force training.

The Shot on Body wearable reactive sensor system, specifically conceived for law enforcement force-on-force training, allowing operators to experience simulated deadly force-on-force shooting and decision-making scenarios, increasing their chances of survival in the real world. The system is based on hit sensor that can be easily applied to existing clothing, load bearing vests, hats and gear, and is then immediately ready for use. The system offers three different settings: Single Shot - Hit Kill Zone - Immediate Fatal Hit; Double Shot - Hit Zone Requiring 2 Hits Before Fatality (allows officer/soldier to fight through injury); Multiple Shot - Hit requires immediate medical attention - Starts a progression timer leading to fatality if not cared for in 120 seconds (i.e. tourniquet, immediate first aid).

An evolution of the Laser Ammo reactive targets built for professional use, the CQB in a BOX is a portable system that includes 3 targets and remote, all contained in a special carrying case. 

Last but not least, the Gunshot Box by Scenario Trainer, Inc., is a stand-alone and smokeless range simulator compatible add-on audio device that introduces realistic, on demand gunshots and explosions sound effects – including concussion and flash-bangs, reproduced at ear-safe but still adrenaline-inducing loud volume levels, up to 125 dB. It works not with loudspeakers or amplifiers, but with a physics effect, controlled sparks that create a very loud report and flash, similar to how thunder is related to lightning. It connects wirelessly to the PC running the Smokeless Range VST-P software or with the, also brand new, CQB in a Box target system. Very portable (it replicates the size and bulk of a .50 cal. Ammo can), it’s easy to use, it can be set up in seconds and can work up to 50 m away, even though walls. Although not a Laser Ammo product, it is a very interesting add on.

At this time and with the exception of the Flash Bolt dry fire replacement BCG for AR15, all the new Laser Ammo products are intended and available to professional users only.

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