Shooting training in times of Coronavirus: These exercises, the Laser Ammo system and Shooting Drill Cards will help you to train at home

The simple answer: effectively dry-fire train in your own four walls! In cooperation with Laser Ammo, the manufacturer of shooting equipment for home training, we are showing you special dry-fire drills.

Of course, dry-fire training cannot and should not replace live firing, which is definitely more fun with recoil, gun smoke, bang and muzzle flash, and also requires more skill in terms of shooting control. But especially in these days, when the government recommends limiting social contacts and many shooting ranges are not accessible anyway, dry-fire training can be a welcome alternative. Here, the learning curve should also not be underestimated, because safe handling procedures are automated and become faster and faster through continuous repetition. This includes the fundamentals such as the "Modern Isosceles Stance", perfect grip technique as well as trigger and sight picture control. However, it also covers the entire range of modern handgun shooting, such as drawing the gun from the holster, tactical and dynamic magazine change, clearing gun malfunctions, different aiming positions (standing, kneeling, lying down) or shooting with the strong and weak hand. Laser Ammo equipment with the "SureStrike" laser training cartridge and electronic reactive targets such as LaserPET II (Personal Electronic Target) or IMTTS (Interactive Multi Target Training System) further enhances the effectiveness of dry-fire training by clearly displaying hits and thus providing analysis tools for shooting mistakes.

Laser Ammo Drills: work on your shooting techniques with Laser Ammo equipment and the special "SureStrike" Shooting Drill Cards. We present you three exercises for dry-fire training in your own four walls.

It even has "recoil" – How the Laser Ammo simulator systems work

By the way, in addition to laser training ammo, caliber adapters, target systems and large "smokeless range" simulators, Laser Ammo also offers airsoft replicas with integrated lasers of common pistol brands, which add slide movement and recoil simulation to the dry training. In addition, so-called "reset triggers" are offered for the particularly popular GLOCK pistols (now also for Gen 5), that automatically return the trigger to its forward position after each shot. This eliminates the annoying manual cycling of the slide after each "shot" in dry firing, which would be necessary with GLOCK's striker-fired action. Thus, even double shots and quick shot strings can be practiced without distraction while fully concentrating on the target

Training with the Laser Ammo Shooting Drill Cards

The three exercises shown below are designed for practical, dynamic handgun shooting and also include fast pistol malfunction clearing drills. They come from the "SureStrike" Shooting Drill Cards by Laser Ammo. This collection of 50 different shooting drills, ranked in order of difficulty into "Basic" (for beginners), "Intermediate" (for advanced beginners) and "Advanced" (for advanced shooters), is normally offered for 26 euro. Here with us you can get them for free.

Safety notice: Attention! During dry-fire practice, never place live ammunition in the immediate vicinity of the training location!

Laser Ammo Drill No.1: "The Timed Mozambique Drill"

Place a 5” circle IMTTS target 4'/1.2 to 5'/1.5 m from ground on a solid surface or against a silhouette target. Turn on the IMTTS target and set to setting (A, C) for two quick shots (Double Tap). Place the LaserPET II approximately 45 cm vertically above the IMTTS. Turn on the PET and set it to setting (2) for single shot with timer. Do not put a target card into the device.

Stand 3 to 7 yards (2.7 m to 6.4 m) away from the two targets. With the gun holstered, wait for the PET II start signal, draw the gun, fire 2 shots into the lower target and 1 shot into the upper target as rapidly and accurately as possible. Your time will be displayed and the target will reset automatically for the next drill.

To increase difficulty, you can replace the lower IMTTS target with a smaller 3”/76mm circle target and insert a 1”/25.4 mm or 1/2”/12.7 mm circle target card into the upper LaserPET II.

Required equipment:
Double-action SureStrike equipped firearm, IMTTS target, LaserPET II.

The instructions for "The Timed Mozambique Drill" from Laser Ammo.

Laser Ammo Drill No. 2: "Stove Pipe Drill”

The "Stove Pipe Drill" (also known as Tap & Rack Drill) is a classic exercise for quick malfunction clearing. Place a PET at a height of 4' to 6' (1.2 m to 1.8 m) from the floor and add one of the included target cards of your choice. Switch the device on and set it to mode 2. Prepare your gun with a simulated Stove Pipe malfunction. In this case, the fired cartridge is not completely ejected and thrown out of the gun in a positive, sharp kick. The casing is therefore caught upright in the ejection port of the partially opened slide. In dry firing training, the pistol is set in such a way that the laser training cartridge is in the chamber and a spent case is jammed upright in the ejection port of the half-open slide.

At target distances of 3-7 yards (2.7 to 6.4 m), you must clear the malfunction when the start signal sounds. To do this, tap the bottom of the magazine with the base of your palm and tilt the pistol about 90° to the right, then rack the slide completely back with your supporting hand. The jammed case is immediately released, the malfunction is cleared and after a visual check of the gun's condition, you can continue with target acquisition and firing. The target will reset automatically. Repeat the drill and always try to decrease your time.

Required equipment:
Double-action SureStrike equipped firearm, LaserPET II.

You can even practice pistol malfunction clearing with the Laser Ammo systems, like here with the "Stove Pipe Drill".

Laser Ammo Drill No. 3: "Figure-8 Drill"

Four round IMTTS targets are placed forming a box with a large distance of 3 yards/2.7 m between them. If there is not so much space, the drill for improving fast target transitions and follow-ups also works with smaller distances between the single targets. All targets are set on mode (A, C) for double shot. Stand 5 to 7 yards (4.5 to 6.4 m) away in front of the four targets from. The upper/left target, the lower/right target, the upper/right target and the lower/left target are each engaged 2 times as quickly as possible. The targets will reset automatically. Repeat the drill. You can also vary the order of aiming and increase difficulty by aiming at a greater distance.

Required equipment:
Double-action SureStrike equipped firearm, 4 x IMTTS.

The Shooting Drill Cards from Laser Ammo contain a total of 50 drills - This is called "Figure-8 Drill".

Further information can be found on the Laser Ammo website.

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