GRS rifle stocks, how to make your bolt-action rifle more tactical at a low price

The GRS Bifrost butt stock.
The GRS Bifrost butt stock. The cheek piece is height adjustable, the recoil pad is height and canting adjustable. 

The Norwegian company GRS offers a range of very interesting rifle stocks on the market. In this review we tested the Bifrost Black model, fitted for the occasion to a Remington 700 Tactical rifle in .308 Winchester.

Particularly interesting of this stock is the SpeedLock II adjustment system, which allows you to adjust the length of pull by pressing a button at the end of the stock itself, where the rubber recoil pad is located (the pad is designed to cushion and make more comfortable the recoil of powerful ammo). The  recoil pad is height and canting adjustable too by rotating it clockwise and counterclockwise. The cheek rest, which is made of soft composite material to increase comfort, is also adjustable.

The pistol grip
The pistol grip: grip areas are covered with soft, very grippy synthetic rubber.

In the lower part of the stock there is a Picatinny slide and on the right and left of the butt stock there are two QD sling swivels.

The possibility of reducing the entire length of the gun, as well as the recoil pad which is height and canting adjustable and the adjustable cheek piece, makes it adaptable to the needs of the most demanding shooters. Even when, for example, due to the situation, they might have to wear different clothing. Just think of thicknesses due to winter clothing or the use of tactical auxiliary devices. Having a system that is easy to adjust, intuitive and safe definitely makes GRS stocks a product to be considered in the specialist market segment. Not surprisingly, these types of stocks are often fitted to tactical weapon systems.

Video: GRS Bifrost Black rifle stock 

GRS Bifrost: the synthetic version

QD attachment points
On the fore-end there are QD attachment points for the sling and bipod.

The synthetic material from which this model of GRS stock is made is very rugged. It is a high-performance fiberglass composite. Testing it in the field, it perfectly responded to stress. The black color and the martial appearance make the stock particularly attractive.

The GRS Bifrost stock under examination, which is offered in a right-hand version only, is designed in order to have material in the points where it is necessary. 

Grips areas have soft rubber inserts that increase purchase in adverse weather conditions. The fore-end features a generous grip for the weak hand when shooting with a bipod.

The GRS rifle stock
The stock fits like a glove on the .308 Winchester Remington 700 Tactical rifle. 

In our opinion, the GRS stock is also well suited for close range shooting using tactical carry slings and in rapid  fire competitions.

The stock has rotating QD sling points on both the fore-end as well as on the butt stock.

Just at the latter's end there are two side rails and a rear Picatinny rail for the possible mounting of accessories.

How to fit a GRS stock

The GRS rifle stock
Our test was carried out by simulating tactical use and shooting from an improvised position.

Our rifle does not need any adaptation to be fitted with the GRS stock; therefore, it is easy to use for everybody, even for the novice who would like to own an affordable tactical rifle. The GRS is also well suited for those who have a classic gun and want to transform it into a new sporting, hunting or tactical tool.

In fact, you have only to remove the retention screws, place the barrel-action assembly in the new GRS stock, paying attention only to match the coupling point between action and barrel with the reference line that you will find on the stock, at which point it will be enough to screw again everything in and our rifle will be ready to shoot.

A functional and versatile stock

A group achieved with Fiocchi ammunition
A group achieved with Fiocchi ammunition at a distance of 130 meters, quick shooting.

All adjustments do not require any tools and this is fundamental given the tactical vocation. The adjustment buttons are large enough to allow them to be easily used in operational conditions even with gloves on.

During the test fire at medium/long ranges with quick shot strings and without any particular support, using Fiocchi and Sellier & Bellot 180 grain FMJ factory ammo, the rifle was very stable while maintaining consistent accuracy. The housing of the action-barrel assembly remains very stable inside the stock, without play or other anomalies. 

Tactical use is definitely its strong point, as it is very easy to handle and really adaptable to our shooting position.

The adjustment buttons are safe, designed to prevent unwanted release in case of a fall.

The weight of the Bifrost stock is 1.35 kg and it turned out to be well balanced when aiming and shooting. This model is available in three colors: black, green and Flat Dark Earth, at a price of 675 euro (price may vary in different countries).

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