Fluna Tec Gun Black – The easy-to-handle quick bluing/cold bluing

No matter how careful you are, it's easy to hit the barrel somewhere and cause a small scratch. It's also easy for some of the finish or bluing to come off when unscrewing a screw. The solution: a quick bluing. In the best case, it is easy to dose and simple to use. The gun care specialist Fluna Tec offers such a product in the form of Gun Black cold bluing. The quick bluing is not even expensive – for only 13.90 euros you get a 50-milliliter bottle of Fluna Tec Gun Black and it lasts quite a while.

In just a few steps, you get your handgun or rifle/shotgun back to a more beautiful appearance

Firstly, of course, the damaged area should be clean and completely free of grease. You can achieve this with alcohol or a special degreaser. At this point we recommend the Fluna Tec Gun Degreaser (100 ml for 9.90 euros), so you are sure to use a product that has been perfectly matched to the Fluna Tec Gun Black.

Depending on the type of damage, it may be necessary to re-sand the affected area a bit. 1000-grit sandpaper or sanding pads are very suitable for this purpose, for example. So that you don't overshoot the mark and treat too large parts of your rifle or revolver, you should mark off these areas with adhesive tape before you get started.

Fluna Tec Gun Black is applied to a shotgun with cotton swabs
Cotton swabs are ideal for applying the Gun Black rapid burnishing.

Fluna Gun Black is easy to apply with cotton swabs, a fine brush or – for large areas – a cloth. Especially for minor damage or bluing of small parts, the relatively stiff tip of a cotton swab can be used to work and dose very precisely. For larger surfaces, the cloth has an advantage; the Gun Black can be used on it. To do this, you simply put some of the cold bluing on the cloth and apply it to the gun by wiping back and forth. Even with a quick bluing, some patience is now required to achieve an ideal result. For best results, apply Fluna Gun Black only thinly and let it dry, repeating until the bluing level of the repaired area matches the color of the rest of the gun.

Does everything now match? Then you are as good as done with the gun repair. Rinse the freshly burnished area with clean water, let it dry and polish again. Finally, it is important to protect your gun against corrosion again.
Our tip: Follow the system concept and protect and optimize your gun with the high-performance ceramic Fluna Tec Gun Coating (50 ml for 9.90 euros) instead of a conventional gun oil.

For more information about Gun Black, please visit the Fluna Tec website.

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