Dedicated to the Queen: woodcock hunting with Fausti Dea SL and Fausti Class SL

Hunters with dogs, Fausti shorguns and woodcocks.
The emotion of woodcock hunting is also the result of an exclusive and dedicated gun.

A hunt in which tradition and style are not details but essential substance for hunters who seeks the emotion of the encounter in the wood with wild game, to which they dedicate all their passion with their dogs. We are talking about woodcock hunting, a wild bird coveted and often sought after exclusively by pointing dog lovers. To woodcock, the “queen of the woods”, Fausti company dedicates a limited series of guns designed to satisfy the aesthetic pleasure of the research and the concrete satisfaction of the conquest by dog hunters, who begin to live their greatest emotions in fall woods. The environment is the most faithful ally of the “queen”, that often offers itself only a second to the hunter's sight and hope. Here, in addition to dogs that play the main role in making the meeting a reality, the guns that accompany and conclude that decisive moment with a fast and accurate action are also of particular importance. They must be easy to handle and fast to shoulder, perfectly suited to the hunter and his/her way of shooting.

Video: woodcock hunting with Fausti Dea SL and Fausti Class SL

We want to replay with you the emotions of an autumn afternoon spent on the Small Dolomites, in Italy, in search of the first woodcock of the hunting season with the pleasure of testing in the field the Dea SL side-by-side “Dedicata alla regina” (“Dedicated to the Queen”) and the Class SL series “Dedicata alla regina” over-under, both in 28 gauge. These valuable guns share all the well-known main features of Fausti production. Receivers and mechanics machined from solid steel blocks and scaled to the gauge and made by numerical control machines. They are manufactured in all the main gauges used for hunting: 12, 20, 16, 28, and .410. The barrels with new internal geometries designed to optimize shot patterns even at short and medium ranges are available, with lengths starting from 23.6” / 60 cm – for close-up shots when the dog stops – up to 30” / 76 cm, thus making the gun usable also for other types of hunting.

Chokes can be fixed; the hunter can also choose internal and interchangeable chokes. Fausti's Box Lock receiver has long and finely engraved side plates that can be customized with silver or gold-inlaid wild bids. Two finishes are available, the classic old silver or a color case hardened version version. A further touch of elegance is given by the long trigger guard that ends on the oil-finished, select walnut stock, which can be English or Prince of Wales style. You can also choose the forend, that can be thin or beavertailed for the side-by-side, English- or Schnabel-type for the over-under, for a firm and always precise purchase for quick shots. Selective single trigger or double trigger are available on request, as well as the automatic or manual shell extraction. The engravings are always hand-made and signed, making these 1/1000 limited series guns quite exclusive.

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