Rössler launches its first hunting bolt-action rifle with manual cocking system, the Signature model

The new Signature is a high-quality firearm. It will be positioned above the manufacturer's Titan models and is accordingly also around 400 to 500 euros more expensive. Nevertheless, prices start from around 2,200 euros, which makes the rifle very interesting. More about that later. 

The technology of the new Rössler Signature rifle

The 17 mm barrels of the Rössler Signature have an M15x1 muzzle thread as standard. The Signature is only available without open sights.

The barrel of all Signature models is made of a special rifle barrel steel. All barrels have a diameter of 17 mm in the muzzle area and have an M15x1 thread as standard to accommodate a muzzle brake or a silencer. The barrels are ceramic blasted and plasma nitrided at Rössler, which provides an extremely durable, scratch resistant and corrosion resistant finish to the rifle. Like the Titan 6, the Rössler Signature features an easy-to-use interchangeable barrel system. Rössler mills the receiver of the new Signature from aluminum and then protects its surface with a matte-black hard anodizing. The manufacturer also provides the receiver with 6-48 UNS threaded holes, thus making it ready it to accept scope mounts. However, these are only needed by those who do not want to use the steel Picatinny rail already screwed into it at the factory as a base for their target optics. In return for the fact that Rössler already equips the Signature with a Picatinny rail at no extra charge, the Austrians have completely dispensed with open sights on the new series. 

The Rössler Signature uses a six-lug bolt in which the lugs are arranged in pairs one behind the other.

In terms of action, Rössler uses the same six-lug bolt with a 60° lift with three pairs of lugs arranged one behind the other – as on the proven Titan 6. However, here Rössler combines the bolt with a manual cocking system that sits at the rear of the firing pin unit and is operated by a lever. 

The manual cocking lever of the Rössler Signature: on the left, the position in which the chamber lock is deactivated and on the right with the chamber locked. In both cases, the firing pin spring is released.

The manual cocking system has a total of three positions. In its home position, the lever is slightly to the left, the firing pin spring is relaxed and the chamber lock is activated. To cock the rifle, the lever must be pressed all the way to the right. If the gun is not fired, it can be decocked again by means of a knob under the lever. To load and unload the Signature, the lever can be pushed further from its home position to its leftmost position by pressing lightly on the locking knob, thus deactivating the chamber lock. With a little practice, the whole thing can also be accomplished almost silently. In the Signature, Rössler installs a fine trigger pre-adjusted to around 850 grams pull weight with a short release and crisp characteristics. 

Rössler equips the Signature with a steel Picatinny rail from factory. Here, a Kahles Helia 3.5-18x50i riflescope sits on it and a JD 184 XTRM MKII silencer from Hausken is mounted on the muzzle thread.

All variants, calibers and prices of the new Rössler Signature

In terms of sales, Rössler Waffen Austria (RÖWA) is cooperating with the German company RWS GmbH in Fürth, as it did with the Titan 6. Initially, the new Rössler Signature will be offered with stock variants already known from the Titan 6. These are the new Signature models:

  • Allround (2,200 euro polymer stock)
  • Luxury (2,495 euro, oil-finished walnut)
  • Luxury Thumbhole Stock (2,695 euro, oil-finished walnut)
  • Hunter (2,895 euro, laminated wood with adjustable buttstock)

The barrel lengths are 51 cm in each of the calibers .308 Winchester and 8x57 IS, and 56 cm in .30-06 Springfield. Based on the Allround version, there will also be a version specially designed for driven hunting called the Driven Hunt with a barrel length of just 47 cm. As with all Signature models, the Driven Hunt will not feature open sights as standard. All of the stock variants described above are capped off by a recoil-absorbing rubber butt plate and feature a checkering on the wooden models or a checkering-like texture on the contact surfaces of the pistol grip and forend on the synthetic models. In addition, the stocks are already equipped with sling swivels as standard. The interchangeable barrels are available in the 56 cm length for .223 Remington, 6.5 mm Creedmoor, 6.5x55 SE, 7x64, 9.3x62, and in the 61 cm barrel length for the two magnum calibers .300 Winchester Magnum and .270 Winchester Short Magnum. 

In standard calibers, such as here in .308 Winchester, the magazine of the Signature also holds 3 cartridges, as with the Titan 6.

Ammo is fed from a single-stack sheet steel magazine that holds 3 cartridges each in standard calibers. For the magnum cartridges, however, the magazine capacity is only 2 rounds as standard, and only 3-round magazines are available for the .223 Remington. Optional 5-round magazines are available for the other calibers. While the Signature uses the same magazines and barrels as the Titan 6, existing TITAN 6 actions cannot be converted to the new manual cocking system.

Here at all4shooters.com we will surely test one or the other variant of the new RÖWA Signature for you. Stay tuned! 

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