New Products from MAUSER: Bolt-Action Rifles

MAUSER is one of the most legendary German weapons manufacturing companies. Many generations of hunters for over 140 years have come to cherish the precision, safety, reliability and proven technology of MAUSER bolt-action rifles. The MAUSER brand not only dazzles in a new design at the IWA 2016, it also displays real innovations. We will now present to you Mauser’s latest products.

Mauser M03 Extreme
New from MAUSER: The MAUSER M 3 is now available in the caliber 6 XC

MAUSER M 03 in the caliber 6 XC

NORMA Precision developed the 6 XC caliber some years ago, and MAUSER is now offering it in its caliber assortment for MAUSER M 03 bolt-action rifles. The M 03 has a modular construction and can be individually customized. Along with various stocks, the hunter can also select barrel lengths and calibers. The 6 XC will be available starting in June 2016 at professional retailers in the hunting-match configuration as a complete rifle or with an interchangeable barrel.


Details / technical data at a glance for the MAUSER M 03:

·     New 6 XC caliber

·     Hunting-match configuration: length 56 cm with 19 mm muzzle diameter

·     All available stock options (wood, synthetic, engraved)

·     Also with hunting-match interchangeable barrel

·     Magazine capacity: 5+1

·     Weight: approx. 3.7 kg

·     Total length: 108 cm

MAUSER M 12 Impact 
New from Mauser at the IWA 2016: the bolt-action MAUSER M 12 Impact was developed especially for tough conditions
MAUSER M 12 Impact 
New from Mauser at the IWA 2016: the bolt-action MAUSER M 12 Impact was developed especially for tough conditions

MAUSER M 12 Impact 

The new bolt-action MAUSER M 12 Impact rifle was developed especially for use under tough conditions. Utilizing the proven M 12 action, the Impact has a short, highly accurate barrel which is also suitable for long range shooting. The M 12 features a graphite-colored synthetic stock and matte, silver-colored metal surfaces. For rust protection, the barrel and action are coated with Ilaflon.

Beginning in April 2016, the MAUSER M 12 Impact will be available in the .243 Win. and .308 Win. calibers.


Details and technical data at a glance for the MAUSER M 12 Impact:

·     3-position SRS firing pin safety.

·     Solid steel Picatinny rail

·     Crisp, direct trigger

·     Zig-Zag magazine for 5+1 rounds

·     Ergonomically extended bolt handle with a 60° opening angle

·     Bolt head with six solid lugs

·     Adapter for bipod

·     Wide loading breech (top-loading possible)

·     Cold hammer forged barrel and direct lock

·     Plastic stock with non-slip SoftTouch coating

·     Short, light, fluted barrel, threaded for moderator (M15x1) incl. cap

·     Barrel length 51 cm, total length 101.5 cm, weight 3.1 kg


With the new bolt-action rifle MAUSER M 12 MAX, the company offers a rifle with a thumbhole stock for intuitive precision and solid ergonomics. The new thumbhole stock for the M 12 is made of high-class and extremely robust laminated wood and offers a timeless design thanks to its walnut appearance. The streamlined contours feature fine checkering, lending this high-grade hunting rifle a harmonious overall appearance.

New from MAUSER at the IWA 2016: the MAUSER M 12 MAX with thumbhole stock

The steep pistol grip assures relaxed handling that enables rapid as well as accurate shooting. The novel Mauser cheek rest supports a relaxed head position when shooting, especially when using a telescopic sight. The pistol grip and the cheek rest are shaped so that both right and left handers can shoot in a relaxed way. Another special characteristic of the pistol grip is its ergonomic versatility, which makes it possible for both small and large hands to get an optimal grip and pull the trigger with full control. The large thumbhole makes it possible to grab the pistol grip quickly for rapid shooting sequences. The MAUSER M 12 MAX will be available beginning in April 2016 in all of the M 12 calibers, barrel contours and lengths.

MAUSER M 12 Trail

The new Mauser M 12 Trail was developed to meet the tough requirements of follow up handlers and drive hunters. The M12 steel action with the short 47 cm barrel is at the heart of the system. The 3-dot sight provides for rapid, intuitive shooting, even under bad lighting conditions. The Muzzle-Safe System protects the inside of the barrel against soiling and humidity. The highly flexible placement of the sling assures optimal carrying comfort in any situation. Ilaflon on the barrel and action provides outstanding protection against rust. The blaze-orange camo stock with a good grip has a high visibility. The M 12 Trail will be available at professional retailers from the end of July 2016.


Details and technical data at a glance for the MAUSER M 12 Trail:

·     3-dot drive hunt sight

·     Muzzle-Safe muzzle cover

·     Rotating sling swivel ring with detachable swivel on the barrel muzzle

·     Repositionable spring-loaded sling swivel on the butt stock

·     Matt black barrel and action surfaces with Ilaflon for protection against corrosion

·     Plastic stock in signal orange-gray camo

·     Caliber: .308 Win. / 8x57IS / 9.3x62

·     Barrel length 47 cm, normal contour

·     Total length 97.5 cm

·     Weight: approx. 3.1 kg

MAUSER M 12 Trail
New from MAUSER at the IWA 2016: the bolt-action M 12 Trail was developed especially for drive hunting and will be available on the market at the end of June
New from MAUSER at the IWA 2016: the bolt-action MAUSER M 12 will be available beginning June 2016 with a manual cocking system

MAUSER manual cocking system for M 12

The MAUSER M 12 hunting rifle has become a distinctive and timeless rifle thanks to many innovations in the last several years. MAUSER will also be introducing the M 12 with a manual cocking system at the IWA 2016 — the M 12 S. The new M 12 S continues to offer all of the functions which have made the model so successful. Moreover, silent cocking is now possible even in a shooting position thanks to the manual cocking system.


The firing pin spring is tensioned just before the shot is released. The gun can therefore be carried with absolute safety in a loaded but uncocked condition. The manual cocking system of the Mauser M 12 has been designed so that the chamber in uncocked condition is automatically secured against being opened accidentally. Light pressure on the cocking lever toward the right suffices to be able to open the chamber uncocked. The cocking lever is built in horizontally so that it can easily be operated even with gloves and low-mounted telescopic sights. The state of the manual cocking system is clearly recognizable via the position of the cocking lever and the additional color marking. The MAUSER M 12 S with a manual cocking system will be available beginning June 2016.  

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