Royal rifle by Flavio Farè

Flavio Faré is worldwide known for its aftermarket trigger systems dedicated mainly to the Bench Rest and its rifles for Bench Rest shooting who won several important matches. Alternatively both his trigger system mounted on ball bearings and the one mounted on rubies have been adopted by the Australian national shooting team. 

Passionate mountain hunter, here he introduced at IWA his hunting rifle “Royal” chambered for the proprierary caliber 6,3x57 Faré, a CIP approved cartridge which pushes the bullet to over 1000 meters per second and is suitable for shooting and hunting at long distance, for elusive preya such as the Marco Polo sheep. 

Action and trigger system are custom by Faré, the barrel is fully floating, accuracy is always above one MOA at  than 500 meters, about 0.5 MOA. The rifle you see is already been sold; the weapon is not readily available because it is built to order on customer specifications.

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