Benelli Lupo BE.S.T. Wood adjustable comb: our range test with a Steiner Ranger 6 riflescope and Sako ammunition

The Benelli Lupo rifle in the BE.S.T. Wood version stands out for its elegance while maintaining a certain aggressiveness in its design. With the new Bavarian wood stock and adjustable comb, it adds an important detail for increased comfort and accuracy in this rifle designed for selective hunting where the lethality of a single shot is of greater value than in other contexts. With the possibility of adjusting the comb height most congenial to one's physique and the different shooting positions, the hunter can enjoy better alignment with the optic and also a comfortable grip when aiming. Shooting, especially at long ranges, is often preceded by long moments of observation through the scope while waiting for the game to show itself in the safest position; being able to count on a stable and comfortable stock avoids even the slightest distraction or fatigue, which can be decisive in the final moment.

The BE.S.T. treatment gives the Benelli Lupo rifle not only an attractive appearance but also protects the metal parts while preserving their durability and performance from external influences.

Benelli Lupo BE.S.T. Wood hunting rifle: Barrel lenghts and available calibers

The  Benelli Lupo rifle walnut stock with Wood FX treatment features a typically Bavarian design. The height-adjustable comb allows for the best aiming position while the Progressive Comfort system inside the stock reduces the negative effects of felt recoil.

In this case, finding the best position is possible thanks to the comb that can be height-adjusted from 0 to 40 mm. All the technology contained in the Benelli Lupo rifle remains the same, starting with the Progressive Comfort recoil and muzzle flip reduction system inside the stock. In this BE.S.T. version, the surface treatment not only protects the outside of the metal surfaces from corrosion caused by atmospheric agents, but also optimises the functionality and smoothness of the bolt, which silently and quickly performs its 60° degree rotation during loading.

The rifle is available in .308 Win., .30-06 Sprg., .300 WM, 8X57JS: in the case of our range test we received the .30-06 Springfield version. The different calibers correspond to the barrel lengths of 56 or 61 cm. The barrels are always muzzle threaded for the mounting of muzzle brakes or a silencers where permitted. Trigger pull weight is adjustable from 0.99 kg to 2 kg and during our experience we appreciated its quality. The overall weight of the Lupo rifle is standard and does not exceed 3.4 kg, allowing it to be easily transported in the mountains, which we did in order to reach our high seat on an evening outing, however without having the opportunity to experience the thrill of shooting that time.

Benelli Lupo BE.S.T. Wood: Our range test with Steiner Ranger 6 in 3-18x56 and Sako Super Hammerhead ammunition

We tested the Benelli Lupo in caliber .308  by using 150-grain Sako Super Hammerhead ammunition achieving very nice results with tight shot groups on targets at both 100 and 200 meters. Rifle scope: Steiner Ranger 6 with 3-18x56 magnification.

In our test, we found our appropriate set-up in a matter of moments to start shooting at ranges of 100 and 200 meters. Our Lupo was fitted with a Steiner Ranger 6 riflescope with variable 3-18x56 magnification, which is very suitable for selective hunting and twilight shooting. With the Ranger 6 series Steiner has succeeded in keeping the overall length of the optics particularly short. All Ranger 6 riflescopes are equipped with high-contrast ED glas, provide a large field of view (40.75 m at 100 m for the Ranger 6 1-6x24) with high edge-to-edge sharpness and improved contrast, while a light transmission of at least 92% helps the hunter to keep everything in view. For a safe shot in poor visibility conditions, the clearly defined and precise illuminated dot, thanks to Fiber Dot technology, ensures the necessary accuracy. 

Using 150-grain Sako Super Hammerhead ammunition, the rifle proved to be stable and accurate even in rather quick shot strings. Firing repeatedly and quickly, and with a bolt-action rifle, doesn't usually happen in a common selective hunting situation, yet it was useful for us to understand and note that even with several fast shot strings, the Lupo rifle does not suffer from barrel overheating with shot drift on the target, but produces very consistent and precise groupings. In two shooting sessions we achieved a very nice and tight five-shot group on the first target at a range of 100 metres. By adjusting the scope's ballistic turret elevation, we subsequently fired a further seven consecutive shots on two targets at 200 meters, being able on this occasion too to appreciate the rifle performance not only in terms of accuracy, but also in terms of comfort when using one of the most popular cartridges among ungulate hunters.

Benelli Lupo BE.S.T. Wood: technical specifications

Model:Lupo BE.S.T. Wood adjustable nose pad
.308 Win., .30-06 Sprg., .300 WM, 8X57JS
Barrel Length:56 cm (.308 Win); 56 cm (.30-06 Sprg); 61 cm (.300 WM); 51 cm (8x57JS), all with M14x1 muzzle thread
Stock:Bavarian stock with adjustable comb (max height adjustment range: +40 mm) and Progressive Comfort system; Walnut with Wood Fx finish
Length of Pull:
From 350 mm (STD) to 385 mm
Magazine:Detachable double-stack 5-round (.30-06 Sprg.; .308 Win.; 8X57JS); detachable double-stack 4-round (.300 WM)
Weight:3,220 g (.308 Win.); 3,270 g (.30-06 Sprg.); 3,350 g (.300 WM); 3,220 g (8X57JS)
Packaging:Eco-friendly cardboard box, trigger guard key, sub-MOA accuracy certificate, shim kit and trigger reach spacers, 2 LOP spacers, Ben Oil, sling swivels, BE.S.T. certificate, user and maintenance manual
Trigger Pull Weight:
Adjustable from 0.99 kg to 2 kg

For more information on the Lupo BE.S.T. Wood bolt-action rifle please visit the Benelli website.

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