Hunting Clash: Beretta enters the world of virtual games

Beretta announces an exclusive partnership with Ten Square Games (TSG): an unprecedented partnership that blends the virtual thrill of gaming with the tangible excitement of outdoor adventures.

The partnership with TSG marks Beretta's first step into the world of mobile gaming. Underlining its dedication to exploring new boundaries while maintaining the integrity of a brand with nearly 500 years of history.

One of the hunting situations proposed in the game. In this case we are hunting ungulates with a rifle fitted with a scope.

Hunting Clash, one of TSG's flagship titles, renowned for its stunning graphics and realistic representation of hunting grounds and wildlife around the world, will take an innovative leap by perfectly integrating Beretta products into the virtual world.

Ten Square Games Group is one of the largest Polish producers of mobile games in the free-to-play model and a leader in the outdoor hobbies mobile-game segment. Its portfolio includes world-renowned titles such as Fishing Clash, Hunting Clash, Airline Commander and Wings of Heroes.

In the official Beretta store you can choose the most appropriate clothing for our virtual hunt.

"We are happy and excited to collaborate with TSG on this project. Beretta has always paid close attention to tradition, while at the same time embracing innovation. For us, it is a constant challenge to find new ways to communicate and engage with our passionate customers, and at the same time involve both future generations of hunters and expand the pool of enthusiasts of the ancient and noble art of hunting. This is a perfect example of how much we believe in the synthesis of preserving solid, value-rich roots with the progress that the digital world offers: an approach that we are using in all the strategic initiatives that represent the future of the company," says Carlo Gussalli Beretta, Digital Project Manager of Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta.

Throughout the month of December, Hunting Clash will host events featuring the logo of the company founded in Gardone Val Trompia back in 1526. Players will be able to integrate a range of Beretta products into their virtual hunting adventures, including firearms (Brx1, A400 Upland, A400 Xtreme Plus, 486 by Marc Newson and Ultraleggero), clothing, accessories and many other items. This will allow them to test the real equipment used by outdoor enthusiasts and hunters during game events prepared by the Ten Square Games team. On the other hand, fans of the Beretta brand will have the unique opportunity to test Beretta equipment in different environments and conditions in dedicated virtual events. “At TSG, we've always aimed to deliver engaging experiences that resonate with our players' passion for the great outdoors. Our partnership with Beretta allows us to elevate the gaming experience by introducing their iconic products, helping players immerse into wildlife and embark on exciting adventures” comments Andrzej Ilczuk, CEO of Ten Square Games Group. 

VIDEO: discover the excitement of Hunting Clash

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