Swarovski ST Vista: the eternal spotting scope

Outdoor spotting scopes are a very special segment of the optical industry that finds its use in the tourist sector. From the seafront of Italian coasts to New York skyscrapers, from the Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls, it is easy to come across these very robust viewers, usually mounted on tilting pedestals, and sometimes coin operated, spending their lives being mistreated by hordes of tourists, almost always exposed to extreme weather conditions. Humidity, warmth, saltiness and wind don't allow a single moment of respite to these heroes of long-range observation.

Swarovski ST Vista, designed to resist

Swarovski ST Vista
The ST Vista telescope is a 30x magnification optic with a 95 mm objective lens aperture.

The Swarovski ST Vista spotting scope is the way the Austrian company celebrates its first seventy years and claims its technological supremacy even in an extremely specialized optics field. In addition to the unique experience of observing landscapes with Svarovski's extraordinary optical quality, it offers the user an innovative and intuitive design because it is built to be used by non-specialized users, who do not even have binoculars at home.

The ST Vista telescope is a 30x magnification optic with a 95 mm objective lens aperture; housing is entirely thick aluminum with the now unavoidable nitrogen filling that makes it completely watertight (it withstands submersion up to 4 meters) guaranteeing an operating temperature between -25 ° and + 55 °. The exit pupil diameter is 3.2 mm with a 20 mm eye relief.

The shortest focusing distance of the Swarovski ST Vista is 30 meters while the field of view is 35 meters at 1000 meters. The weight is about 8600 grams that also include the very robust bracket to mount it on the pedestal, using three bolts with a proprietary anti-theft design. That's definitely necessary since the price of this extraordinary scope is 12,500 euros!

Swarovski ST Vista: technical data

Model:ST Vista
Type: Outdoors spotting scope 
Objective lens diameter:95 mm
Exit pupil: 3.2 mm
Field of view (ft/1000 yd - m/1000m): 104 ft / 35 m
Shortest focusing distance: 98 ft / 30 m
Diopter correction:>5
Light transmission: 86%
20”/ 500 mm
307 oz / 8600 g
12.500 euro

For more information on the new ST Vista spotting scope, please visit Swarovski Optik website.

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