Unboxing the Night Pearl Marten 620 thermal scope

Founded in 2000 in the Czech Republic, the company Záhoří Trade specializes in the hunting segment offering high-quality products from its own production. In 2007, it expanded its offer with night vision devices and thermal imaging, and in 2009 created its own brand, Night Pearl. Night Pearl's Marten is a series of thermal riflescopes that allow hunters to benefit from the habits experienced with the use and operation of conventional day scopes. Cutting-edge thermal imaging technology delivers a perfect image in all conditions, whether you're hunting in rain or fog, in inaccessible woodland or open country, day or night. With a 30 mm tube, the Night Pearl Marten 620 thermal sight is designed for standard mounts. The scope uses a 17 µm Guide sensor with 640x480 pixel resolution. Operation is intuitive and simple using a rotary knob.

Other features include an OLED display in HD quality, photo/video recording capability and Bluetooth remote control (optional), The scope can be Wi-Fi connected to a mobile phone to view images in real time. A power saving mode, 6 color palettes, integrated rangefinder are all part of the package. The integrated rechargeable battery plus an external rechargeable battery provides a total operating time of more than 10 hours with automatic switching between sources without switching off the device at the same time.

Watch the video to learn more about the Night Pearl Marten 620 thermal scope.

Night Pearl Marten 620 specs

Main Tube: 

30 mm

Lens Diameter: 
25 mm
640x480 px
OLED, 1024x768 px
Color Palette: 
6 options
Battery Life: 
up to 10 hours
Internal Memory: 
Photo/Video Recorder: 
Field of View: 
367x107x69 mm
980 g
Detection Range: 
1000 m