New from Leica: Calonox thermal camera – The first Leica thermal imaging device, especially designed for hunting

Similar in design to conventional digital cameras, thermal cameras detect infrared radiation as a heat signature that is not visible to the human eye. With the new Leica Calonox thermal imagers, the terrain can be scanned in the dark or in very poor light conditions. The Calonox is perfect not only for sitting on a hunting seat, but also for counting or other observation purposes on the hunting ground. This is because the Leica Calonox models offer a large field of view combined with a wide detection range and high-contrast imaging. Both optics have a large sensor and high-resolution OLED displays. The functional elements are extremely ergonomic and easy to operate. In addition, the operation with only 3 buttons is intuitive, user-friendly and reduced to the essentials. 

Leica Calonox: as an observation device and add-on

The Leica Calonox "Sight" add-on can only be used in conjunction with a conventional riflescope and is therefore equipped with 1x magnification. The Leica Calonox "View" offers a long recognition range, while the wide field of view is ideal for close-ups thanks to the large sensor (640x480 pixels) at 2.5x basic optical magnification. Both models feature a 42 mm lens and are extremely light at around 17.6 oz/500 g. A permanently installed rechargeable battery with a minimum runtime of 6 hours serves as the power supply. Powerbank use is also possible. 

Both models will be available in stores from late summer 2020 for approx. 4000 euro.

Further information on the Calonox thermal cameras can be found on the Leica homepage.

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