New InfiRay Finder FH50R: the high-end thermal imaging monocular in detail

Thermal imaging camera manufacturer InfiRay Outdoor has now added another 2nd generation model to its proven Finder series from the high-end monocular spotter range with the FH50R V2, following on from the FH35R V2 Finder. The Iris series, a completely new series in the more affordable monocular handheld range, was already on show at the IWA 2024 last March. We have already described the two models InfiRay Iris IL19 and Iris IL35 in more detail here on But let's now turn our attention to the new Finder FH50R V2, which is not only in a higher league than the devices in the Iris series in terms of price.

The InfiRay Finder FH50R V2 and the differences to the FH35R V2

The main difference between the Finder FH35R V2, the first member of the still quite young 2nd generation of the Finder family, and the new Finder FH50R V2 is – as the model name suggests – the size of the objective lens. The Finder FH50R V2 has a 50-mm germanium lens which, in conjunction with the enlarged aperture of F1.1, allows more light in the infrared range to reach the heat sensor than the 35-mm lens of the FH35R V2.

There is no difference between the two devices in the Finder V2 series when it comes to the thermal imaging sensor. The sensor of the new FH50R V2, like the one installed in the Finder FH35R V2, has a resolution of 640×512 pixels with a pitch of 12 µm and a thermal sensitivity that is reflected in a NETD value of less than 20 mK. In conjunction with the objective lens, which has been increased to 50 mm in diameter, the InfiRay Finder FH50R V2 can now also detect heat sources up to a maximum distance of around 2.6 kilometres. This makes the new Finder FH50R V2 particularly suitable for use in extensive field areas. However, the field of view is somewhat smaller than that of the FH35R V2, which is more suitable for hunting in the forest, where a larger field of view at short ranges is more important than a long detection range when tracking game.

The centerpiece of the new InfiRay Finder FH50 V2 is the 50 mm objective lens, which predestines the device for extensive field areas.
The inlet and outlet windows of the integrated laser rangefinder are located next to the lens of the InfiRay Finder FH50R V2.

Of course, the new finder also has a built-in rangefinder with a range of up to 1,800 meters ± 1 metre and a very fast response time. This has a particularly positive effect in scan mode when tracking moving objects, which is also available here in addition to individual measurements. Like the FH35R V2, the FH50R V2 also comes with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and a charger with AC and 12 V adapter for the car. As the finder is only powered by one battery, which is enough for around 5 hours of operation, the hunter has a spare battery at hand for a further 5 hours. The ergonomically positioned control buttons are located on the IP65-protected housing and are easy to grip and operate even in cold weather thanks to the soft silicone armor. You can already buy the new InfiRay Finder FH50R V2 from specialist retailers. The manufacturer has listed the new model with a recommended retail price of €2,599 (price, as usual, may be different in your country due to VAT and import duties, so check your local retailer).

The InfiRay Finder FH50R has ergonomically arranged operating buttons with a soft but non-slip silicone armor.

New InfiRay Finder FH50R V2 hand-held thermal imaging monocular specs and price


InfiRay Finder FH50R V2

Thermal Sensor Resolution:

640×512 px


12 μm

NETD Value:

≤ 20 mK

Frame Rate:

50 Hz

Objective Lens:

50 mm / F1.1

Field of View (H×V):

8.8°×7.0° (153.6x120.2 m over 1,000 m)


3x to 12x

Diopter Adjustment:

-5 to +5 dpt

Maximum Detection Range:

2.600 m

Display Type:


Display Resolution:

1024×768 px

Battery Type:

Replaceable Li-ion battery (type InfiRay IPB-2)

Maximum Battery Life (at 22 °C):

5.5 h (per battery)

Laser Rangefinder Range:

800 m ±1 m

Dust and Water Resistance Rating:






Audio/Video Recording:


Automatic Display Switch-Off:


Internal Memory:

32 G


Yes, connection via InfiRay Outdoor app


500 g approx. (with battery)


170×90× 58 mm

Price (RRP):

2.599 euro

Further information about the company and its catalog can be found on the InfiRay Outdoor website.

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