Swarovski Optik: a new Internet presence of the specialist for hunting optics, nature and birding

Hunters and nature lovers traditionally look at Swarovski for optics: the renowned manufacturer makes high-quality binoculars, telescopes and riflescopes that meet the highest standards. The company, based in Absam, Tyrol, has also been advancing observation technology itself for over 70 years through improvements and innovations

What began as a small factory in 1949 would soon rise to become a company of world renown. Founder Wilhelm Swarovski built on his father's methods for refining glass and developed an innovative system for manufacturing prisms, which he initially used to make binoculars (e.g. the legendary Habicht 7x42). This was followed in 1959 by the introduction of Swarovski Optik's first riflescope.

Binoculars are always about extended vision, the technical improvement of human sight. So it's only logical that Swarovski Optik's new website showcases its products and the experiences they enable with great visual impact. Browsing through the new site with all its large-format photos and atmospheric video impressions unfolds an almost meditative effect after a short time.

Besides hunting, nature and birding take up the most space on the Swarovski Optik website.

Swarovski Optik: glossy design for premium products

As you can see, the eye-catching images of hunting and nature in a high-gloss finish have caught our eye. The clarity of the page even takes a back seat at first. Although sensibly arranged, the various contents and products can only be found at the second or third click. This seems to be intentional on Swarovski Optik's part, because discovering the different areas is really fun – no wonder, when the next grandiose nature shot is already waiting around every corner.

Swarovski Optik two hunters on a deer hunt in the hills of the Isle of Mull in Scotland
Premium videos for premium products from Swarovski Optik: we accompany two hunters on a deer hunt in the hills of the Isle of Mull in Scotland.

The large-scale integration of videos, which are in no way inferior to the photos in terms of production quality, also makes an impression and draws the viewer at home directly into a driven hunt experience in the Tyrol or a deer hunt on the Isle of Mull in Scotland.

All in all, almost all pages on the website feature a cascading structure: depending on the topic or product, a representative, full-screen photo appears at the top, under which elements such as text blocks, quotes, further images and videos, as well as links to stories and reports on the active content area, first appear when scrolling down. In this way, the user is immersed more and more in the current subject matter. Further clicks consolidate previous impressions and link the current model with other product worlds.

Swarovski Optik Z8i 0.75-6x20 riflescope
The Z8i 0.75-6x20 riflescope from Swarovski Optik in action during a driven hunt.

You can always tell immediately which of the three product worlds – Hunting, Outdoor and Birding – you are currently in by looking at the icon at the bottom right of the page. With one click you can switch to the other main categories at any time.

For example, if you are on the overview page of the NL Pure binoculars in the "Outdoor" section, photos and a video of the optics with impressions of nature are shown, below which the properties for this specific application environment are listed, and finally the technical specs of the different models. If you now switch to the hunting category via the icon at the bottom right of the image, the NL Pure and its specifications are shown in text and images for this application. Additionally, a story about a couple using the NL Pure while stalking in Iceland can be discovered there. We have already presented the binoculars from Swarovski Optik.

Image flood: Swarovski Optik's observation technology is showcased with many great shots and videos.

Swarovski Optik: for hunters, outdoor fans and nature lovers

On Swarovski Optik, precise technical information about the products is not neglected.

For all products, however, you can also skip the "narrative" elements right at the top of the page with one click. This takes you straight to the overview of technical specs and model variants – and the associated prices.

There is always an icon in the top right corner, which you can use to go directly to the three main categories "Binoculars", "Rifle Scopes" and "Spotting Scopes", as well as the two secondary categories "Accessories" and "Gear" in the Swarovski Optik product portfolio. In each category you will quickly find a listing of all product lines. After just one more click, these are presented with the already described image power for the respective purpose.

At the end of each product page, Swarovski Optik lists the technical specifications of the available models.

But there is much more to discover on Swarovski's new site: under "Stories" you will find broader articles on topics such as "Light and Color" in observational optics, or reports on adventures such as "Digiscoping the Musk Oxen" in Norway. Those who want to learn more about Swarovski Optik's history, as well as current facts and figures, will also find what they are looking for.

The manufacturer is also known among hunters and nature observers for its excellent service, about which you can also find extensive information on the site.

Last but not least, Swarovski's online store is directly integrated into the website. However, you can also simply be redirected to a dealer near you.

Swarovski Optik: a new Internet presence of the specialist for hunting optics, nature and birding
Swarovski Optik's new website features many hunting reports and stories. Shown here: the hunter Gunnar on a stalking hunt in Iceland.

Our conclusion on the new Swarovski Optik website

Birdwatching 2.0: with the dG from Swarovski Optik, birds can be observed, photographed and identified in conjunction with the Merlin Bird ID software.

As you may have noticed, the new Swarovski Optik website impressed us. Rarely are aesthetic appeal and narrative qualities so appealingly combined with product information and brand presentation on a manufacturer's website. Thanks to the visual features, it is already a pleasure to simply linger on the site and be guided through the topics – a feast for the eyes! Hunters and nature lovers will immediately know what we mean. At the end of the day, it's all about watching.

But with all the visual splendor, the facts and figures about Swarovski optics are not neglected. Even a newcomer should quickly get an overview of the manufacturer's product families and their various fields of application. With descriptive information on functionality and intended use, one can get a good idea of which model from Swarovski Optik is suitable for one's own needs and how the product will perform in practice – because top performance and quality in the premium sector naturally has its price too.

Pay a visit to the new Swarovski Optik website by clicking on www.swarovskioptik.com and take a look at the various product worlds. Or relax a bit by simply hanging out on the site.

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