RWS Ammunition new products for 2019: new rifle cartridges for hunting and sport shooting

The traditional German RWS brand at the IWA 2019 shows that the needs of hunters and sport shooters are always in the foreground. We have summarized the most important novelties and products of this premium manufacturer for you.

RWS Performance Line – Short Rifle cartridges for short barrels

The trend for short-barreled is continuing in 2019, not least because of the increased use of silencers. Standard ammunition is usually designed for rifles with a barrel length of 600 mm. If these are fired from shorter barrels (420 mm to 550 mm), there is a significant loss of energy and velocity, a dazzling muzzle flash and a louder muzzle blast as well as a limited effectiveness of the bullet. If a silencer is used, standard ammunition will wear it out quicker. With RWS Short Rifle Ammunition, these disadvantages are overcome. Hence the slogan: Full performance from short barrels.

The straighter trajectory of RWS Short Rifle cartridges increases the range enormously.

Last year, RWS presented the new ammunition for short barrels at the IWA. Due to the constantly high demand, the range of the hunting ammunition has been extended by 6 loads: cartridges with HIT and Speed Tip Professional bullets are now also available in .30-06 and .300 Win. Mag. calibers. For the 8 x 57 JS and 9.3 x 62 calibers, hunting ammo is available for short barrels in combination with the HIT bullet.

RWS Short Rifle Hunting Cartridges at the IWA 2019
The high demand has led RWS to expand the Short Rifle series by 6 loads.

The RWS HIT (High Impact Technology) bullet is a lead-free, expanding bullet with high weight retention, which expands safely and quickly into the target generating a high shock effect. Deep penetration is achieved by the slug with a residual weight of 99% - even after striking bones and over long ranges.

RWS Short Rifle cartridges - Benefits and details

  • Optimized for short barrels
  • Reduced muzzle flash
  • Best choice when shooting with silencers
  • Full energy and velocity
CaliberBullet type  Bullet weight (g/gr)Package content (pieces)Price (RRP in euro)
.308 Win.HIT9,7  | 150 20 81,00
.308 Win.Speed Tip Professional10,7 | 165 20 
.30-06HIT10,7 | 165 
Speed Tip Professional10,7 | 165 
.300 Win. Mag.HIT
10,7 | 165 
.300 Win. Mag.Speed Tip Professional
10,7 | 165 
8 x 57 JSHIT
10,4 | 16020 
9,3 x 62HIT
16,2 | 25020105,00

RWS rifle cartridges with Speed Tip Professional bullet – expanded range

Thanks to its modern design, the Speed Tip Professional bullet by RWS is equally suitable for short and long ranges and has a very high shock and stopping power into game. The aerodynamic shape of the bullet begins from the nose, featuring a particularly low air resistance and ends in the V-tail, which further increases accuracy and flight stability. The aerodynamic properties of the RWS Speed Tip Professional bullet ensure extremely extended ranges, high speed and long-range capability.

RWS presented further calibers for the Speed Tip professional series at the IWA 2019.

The Speed Tip Professional is a fragmentation bullet with a dual-core lead structure, based on the H-jacket principle. The front core of the bullet has a longitudinal bore which is sealed by a plastic tip. When the bullet hits the target, the plastic tip shoves into the bore causing a rapid expansion. The front core then breaks apart into fragments, resulting in extensive internal injuries in the animal’s body. This results in a strong shock effect and short flight distances. The rear core of the bullet consists of a hardened lead alloy and preserves the integrity of the rest of the projectile, so as to ensure a clear exit wound with blood track.

RWS Speed Tip Professional bullet - advantages and further details

  • High-velocity ballistics
  • Extreme knock-down power
  • High accuracy
CaliberBullet weight (g | gr)
Package content (pieces)
Price (RRP in Euro)
.270 Win.9.1 | 1402095.00
7 mm Rem. Mag. 9.7 | 15020
7 x 649.7 | 15020
.308 Win.*10.7 | 16520
.30-06*10.7 | 165
.300 Win. Mag.*10.7 | 165
8 x 57 JS*11.7 | 18020
8 x 57 JRS11.7 | 180
8 x 68 S11.7 | 180
.338 Lapua Mag.16.2 | 25020
10,3 x 68 Mag.18.5 | 28520

* The Short Rifle load with SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL projectiles can be found earlier in the article.

RWS Target Elite Plus match cartridges

RWS Target Elite Plus
The match cartridges from RWS's TARGET ELITE PLUS series will also be available in 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 x 55 SE from April.

For almost 10 years, the RWS Target Elite Plus product line has been synonymous with match cartridges in handloader quality. The high standard in the production of these cartridges results in finely tuned ballistics and constant accuracy for shooting ranges up to 1200 m. This year, sees the addition of two new calibers and two new.308 Win. loads.

Advantages and details of the RWS Target Elite Plus at a glance

  • Highest quality
  • Defined accuracy standard of 16.9 to 25 mm standard deviation from test barrels  at 300 m
  • For long-range disciplines for ranges up to 1200 m
  • Large-bore cartridges in handloader quality
  • Specially manufactured match cases and selected HPBT match bullets
  • Consistent point of impact from lot to lot
  • Configured for best-grade match guns and long-range shooting
CaliberBullet weight (g | gr)
Package content (pieces)
Price (RRP in Euro)
.223 Rem.5.0 | 77 20
6,5 Creedmoor*8.4 | 13020
6,5 x 55 SE*8.4 | 13020
.308 Win.*10.0 | 15420
.308 Win.10.9 | 16820
.308 Win.*12.3 | 19020
.300 Win. Mag.12.3 | 19020
.338 Lapua Mag.19.4 | 30020

*Available from April 2019

Further information on RWS ammunition can be found directly on the website.

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