Norma Silencer Series: new hunting ammunition especially designed for rifles with short barrels

In addition to silencers, short barrels are also in fashion among hunters. Combined, this results in a hunting gun that reduces noise pollution and yet is similar in length to a standard hunting rifle. But there is a technical catch. Short barrel lengths reduce muzzle velocity and thus bullet energy. Among other things, deformation properties can suffer as a result. In addition, they usually cause a larger muzzle flash. Suppressors do not dampen as well and can in principle wear out faster. Norma has come up with something for these applications.

The special powder of the new Norma Silencer Series of hunting ammunition provides the same performances as in long barrels

Norma has made a special powder selection for barrel lengths around 500 mm to achieve equivalent performances from short barrels. In addition, muzzle flash is minimized and the muzzle gas pressure is reduced, which also has a positive influence on the noise damping effect of the suppressor. The bullet used for the new Norma ammunition line is probably the Swedish manufacturer's most popular one – the Oryx. It is available in the versatile calibers 6.5x55 SE, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, 8x57 IS and 9.3x62. The new loads will be available from summer 2020 – just in time for the driven hunt season – at specialist dealers throughout Europe.

The diagram illustrates very well the velocity loss of standard loads (blue) from short barrels (yellow). Norma's Silencer Series (red), which is specially designed for short barrels, can easily match the velocity of standard loads. Conclusion: target reached.
Product Line
Weight in gr/g

ORYX Silencer6.5x55 SE
156 gr/10.1 g
ORYX Silencer.308 Win.
165 gr/10.7 g
ORYX Silencer
.30-06 Spring.
180 gr/11.7 g
ORYX Silencer8x57 JS
196 gr/12.7 g
ORYX Silencer9.3x62
285 gr/18.5 g

Further information about the ammunition range of the Swedish manufacturer Norma can be found on the website of Norma.

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