Sordin product overview: the Supreme series hearing protectors for hunters and sports shooters

The Swedish manufacturer Sordin makes a wide range of protective equipment for use above the shoulders. The company can look back on more than 30 years of experience. The products are constantly being developed and are said to be the most innovative on the market. In addition, there is a particularly high level in terms of quality standards – so the manufacturer lives up to its premium role as a producer of protective equipment. The company is particularly well known for its hearing protectors. These are used, for example, in industry, construction, agriculture and forestry, but also by the military. For hunters and sports shooters, the manufacturer offers a wide range of hearing protection products in its Supreme line. Depending on the use, there are different equipment variants. So every shooter and hunter will find what they are looking for. has taken a closer look at the hearing protectors and provides you with an overview of the current range.

the Sordin Supreme Pro-X model with camo cups and headband
Versatile equipment: the Sordin Supreme Pro-X model with camo cups and headband. However, all models have the basic equipment.

Hearing protection: the Supreme series from Sordin

This series is basically electronic earmuffs, which thus allow the understanding and hearing of ambient sounds. Anything the user hears can in no case exceed the threshold of 82 dB, and the volume in the hearing protector is always dependent on the true volume of the sound. The wearer controls the electronics via a simple push-button system located on the outside of the left cup. Once switched on, the system automatically switches off again after four hours. This protects the two "AAA" type batteries used for power supply.

In addition, all models in the series have the following advantages: foldability for transport, usability for both right-handed and left-handed shooters, adjustability for an ideal fit, and the fact that the shooter can always rely on the guaranteed damping values. Incidentally, these are 25 dB for all models, with the exception of each variant with a neckband. Here, 24 dB is guaranteed. Apart from these data, the product range differentiates itself in terms of many features and functions. We take a look at the models and assign them to target groups and price segments.

the Supreme series from Sordin
Well equipped: an overview of the options in the Supreme series from Sordin.
The Sordin Supreme Basic
The Sordin Supreme Basic comes with the basic features.

For beginners: the Sordin Supreme Basic and Supreme Basic AUX

The entry-level model Supreme Basic differs from its better-equipped siblings mainly in its electronics. It only reproduces ambient noise in a maximum ratio of 1:1, so there is no amplification. Of course, the volume can be selected in five settings, so quieter sound reproduction is no problem. One battery charge keeps the technology in the device for 200 hours of use. The protection level is, of course, the same as that of the other Supremes. In addition, the protector is available as an AUX version. Here, the wearer can connect external audio devices – tor example, the smartphone or radios. The Basic comes to the customer for about 162 euros.

The features of the Supreme Pro from Sordin
The features of the Supreme Pro from Sordin are in the details. Look out for the improved cushions inside the cups.

Mid-range: the Supreme Pro hearing protector from Sordin

Visually relatively similar to the Basic, the more features of the Supreme Pro are in the details: it comes with improved electronics, which not only allows an amplification of ambient noise, but also the reproduction is much more accurate. The user then has a total of six different volume levels at his disposal. In addition, the AUX connection is always on board with this model. A mono connection cable is included with the hearing protector. For use in adverse weather conditions, Sordin has also given the Supreme Pro a water-resistant battery compartment. Batteries provide here a useful life of about 600 hours, with a warning of the device sounds at 40 hours of remaining use. For long wearing times, the inside of the cups is fitted with improved foam cushions. The price is approximately 199 euros.

Premium: the Sordin Supreme Pro X

In many versions, the Supreme Pro hearing protection in the X version already stands out from its siblings: it is available with green and black cups. In addition, the customer can choose between a headband and a neckband version. But the inner values have also been upgraded again in this class. All the features of the Pro version are also available in this version: so for example, usage time, improved electronics, comfortable foam cushions and the water-resistant battery compartment. In addition, however, the Supreme Pro X also has water-resistant microphones. Both are tested according to the IP67 standard. For the Supreme Pro X with headband, the version with leather headband cover and green cups is priced at around 229 euros, for the one with black cups at around 239.00 euros and for the one with neckband at around 249 euros.

The Sordin Supreme Pro X 
The Sordin Supreme Pro X comes with both a headband...
Supreme Pro X from Sordin well as with a neckband.

Premium and LED: the Supreme Pro X is also available with LED lamp

In addition, Sordin also offers the top model with integrated LED light. The light is located in the left cup, directly above the microphone. This allows users to quickly and easily provide necessary illumination while still having their hands available for activities. Additionally, Sordin has also given the LED Supreme gel-filled sealing rings, as they offer some advantages. This model with top equipment comes to the user for about 299 euros.

Sordin Supreme Pro X LED
Sordin Supreme Pro X LED: the light is located above the microphone on the left side (as seen from the wearer).

Video on battery replacement: how to change the power source of the hearing protectors of the Sordin Supreme series

the Sordin gel cushions 
Especially for eyeglass wearers, the Sordin gel cushions can offer significant advantages when worn for long periods of time while hunting or at the shooting range.

Tip to finish: individual gel sealing cushions for your hearing protectors from Sordin

In addition to the gel sealing cushions as standard equipment of the LED version of the Supreme Pro X, Sordin also offers these individually – as spare parts. The use of such gel cushions is recommended in any case, especially for spectacle wearers. After all, many will be familiar with the squeezing of eyewear earpieces when hearing protectors are worn for many hours at a stretch during extended sit-downs or shooting range visits. The replacement cushions can minimize this problem considerably and accordingly ensure significantly increased wearing comfort. In addition, they allow an even better overall fit to the physique of the wearer. Regardless of whether the foam or gel cushions are used, Sordin recommends that they be replaced twice a year. This is the only way to ensure the guaranteed attenuation performance.

For more information on the Supreme range of hearing protectors please visit Sordin's website.

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