Protect Hunt, for hunters' safety

Advertised as “a revolution for safety in hunting”, Protect Hunt is a French-made electronic system especially designed to improve safety for hunters and shooters in general. It’s available in two versions, the C10 kit and the P10 individual device

Protect Hunt C10 kit: features  

The Protect Hunt C10 is composed of 6 devices - including one specifically dedicated to the hunting party leader – that can be attached to the rifle/shotgun stock with a strap. This system allows to supervise, communicate and control the real-time progress of any hunting party. You can also monitor the position of other devices and have a report of the total number of shots fired in real time with your smartphone. The system warns with a strong vibration if anybody is pointing his/her guns in the direction of fellow hunters equipped with the C10.

The P10 is the individual version. The hunter must scan in advance a “safe green” authorized shooting area with the Protect Hunt equipped rifle or shotgun. If the gun is pointed outside that area, the hunter will be instantly alerted because the device will vibrate and get brighter.

Protect Hunt, even without GSM network

Protect Hunt works even when there is no GSM network and all individual devices feature a LCD screen and a shockproof reinforced body. Autonomy is 8 hours (constant use). Weight of each device is 115 g. Protect Hunt is compatible with all rifle stocks. Both the C10 and P10 are impact resistant and run-off waterproof too (IP64 sealing).

The C10 will be available soon.

Prices are 1,300 for the C10 package of 6 devices and 99 euro for the P10 individual version.

For more information please visit Protect Hunt website.

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