Test: Outdoor Edge Swing Blaze – What makes this double-bladed knife a practical hunting companion?

One blade – two functions. This is the Swing Blaze from Outdoor Edge. This company also produces the well-known Swing Blade – apart from the name and a few design differences, it's the same knife. Especially the skilled huntsman should find a good helper when it comes to hard work.

Swing Blaze – A 2-in-1 double bladed knife

The Swing Blaze combines the advantages of a fixed blade knife with the versatility of a pocket knife. Because in addition to the normal blade, it also has a gutting blade. But this knife does not actually have two blades. Rather, it is a single piece of blade steel (Japanese Aichi AUS-8 stainless steel; lower hardness than 440 steel) with two blades that are locked via a push button. The steel used is characterized by its cutting durability and easy re-sharpening. By releasing the lock, the one-piece blade can be rotated through 180°, thus providing either a drop-point blade or a special gutter blade. The blunt tip of the latter is designed in such a way that it can easily be driven underneath the skin without puncturing internal organs. Another advantage is the handle. The Kraton handle offers excellent grip. The rubberized surface prevents it from slipping, even with hygienic gloves or when the handle is wet. And cold has no influence – at least not on the knife. The knife also comes with a sturdy nylon belt sheath in which it finds its safe place.

Outdoor Edge Swing Blaze specs and price

Model:Outdoor Edge Swing Blaze
Price:79.95 USD
Overall Length:8.2”/211 mm
Handle Length:5.4”/115 mm
Blade Length:3.6”/91 mm
Blade Steel:Aichi AUS-8 Stainless
Number of Tools:2
Locking System:Fixed
Weight:7.2 oz/205 g
Notes:Fixed knife with tools that can be rotated through 180 degrees (skinner blade and gutter blade). Nylon sheath included.

Outdoor Edge Swing Blaze knife in practical use

As luck would have it, the Outdoor Edge Swing Blaze knife had a chance to show its skills in everyday hunting. The shot game could be opened professionally. Changing between the normal and the gutter blade was very easy. With a little dexterity, this was even possible with one hand wearing the obligatory rubber glove. The Swing Blaze was ideal for rough sharpening. When skinning, the blade with "more point" was the best choice. All in all, a satisfying practical test.

Outdoor Edge Swing Blaze knife: wrap-up

The Swing Blaze from Outdoor Edge is a very good helper. Especially if the way to the game larder is too long and you have to provide for the game on site, you have a knife with two functions at hand that make the job easier. It can be a bit uncomfortable on the leading hand when the gutter blade is locked and you have to grip harder. The sheath is functional with a reinforced belt loop. The knife is easy to grip and can be found easily thanks to its coloring. For the price, a solid product and worth its money.

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