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"We have no specific inhibitors for the virus, but we all have good immune systems. (...) Our most important defense now is the immune system." Luc Montagnier – physician, biologist and virologist, Nobel prize winner for Medicine in 2008 for the discovery of the HIV virus


Immune system and human body - basic facts

The human body is a perfect machine, equipped with an immune system capable of defending it from most external aggressions. For the immune system to be efficient, however, it needs to be well nourished, within a healthy, low-stress lifestyle. Now, it is well known that the usual foods we eat are radically depleted of all the macronutrients necessary for our health. Lifestyles, often against our will, are forcibly sedentary and stressful. They can be changed, of course. But even more so, they can be helped by integrating our diet, with superb nutrients capable of decisively strengthening both our health in general and by strategically enhance our immunitary system, bringing it back to its primordary strength. 

Nutrition and health - take care about yourself and help your body

NutriCo, an exclusive blend of powerful bifidobacteria (the natural inhabitants of the colon) digestive enzymes and herbs with liver-intestinal action.

In fact, as Hippocrates said, and as researchers reaffirm today, for better or worse  food is our daily drug. But decades of intensive chemical agriculture – we hunters know this well - have destroyed the soils and radically depleted the food produced from them, depriving them of the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and the wide range of nutrients essential for maintaining our health. Over the past 20 years, there has been a decline in essential nutrients in the foods we eat up to 80%, while deficiencies in these nutrients in Western populations have reached endemic proportions.

Additionally to this food is generally made even more harmful by the extensive use of pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, etc.; and that the further industrial treatment of food, which completes the destruction of the few remaining nutrients, adds a whole series of ingredients (preservatives, colorants, artificial fats and flavor enhancers) which, in synergy with each other and with the toxic substances already introduced by chemical agriculture, end up transforming food into real vehicles of progressive poisoning of the organism. The use of organic food at least preserves us from the latter type of damage, but it can only minimally compensate the nutritional deficiencies caused by the radical deterioration of the soil.

The price we all pay for this production of "sick" food is very high! The "constitutional terrain" – in other words the energetic, metabolic, immune and fundamentally psychosomatic imprinting that forms the basis of each individual's health – is now quite compromised. This means that the body's ability to respond to the ever-increasing environmental attacks on health has radically diminished, just as the body's ability to heal itself, on which all natural approaches to health and therapy have always been based, has diminished.

There is only one way to solve the problem: be careful and detect your personal options.

Dietary supplements? Yes, but it depends: what supplements?

That's why we resort to synthetic food supplements (multimineral, multivitamin), which seem to have a very questionable impact on consumers' health, anyway. These supplements are not recognized by our body as food, they are poorly assimilated, and in the worst case scenario they end up generating real negative effects. For example, it has been found that synthetic or isolated beta-carotene supplements are even oxidizing, and that only carotenes naturally present in food can be truly antioxidants.

We are therefore caught in an unprecedented dilemma with no apparent way out: foods are nutrient-free, but the synthetic supplements used to make up for their deficiencies are poorly assimilated, to the point that the health authorities themselves tell us to take nutrients from foods which, however, as mentioned do not have them. So what?

One effective way of overcoming this dilemma is to introduce primordial nutrients into the diet that are so nutritious and energetic that they can adequately replenish the constitutional soil of individuals: 

  • The super wild green foods, in particular the wild blue-green microalgae, which as photosynthetic bacteria are the first and most primordial form of life on the planet and are the basis of the entire food chain still today.
  • The powerful probiotics and digestive enzymes typical of the human gastrointestinal tract: active organisms since the very beginning of life and, as they have adapted to the human organism during evolution, they are capable of restoring the correct gastrointestinal function that is the basis of any true health. 

Nutrigea and ImmunoKit - an interesting solution

NutriFlor is a probiotic supplement based on Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1 and Klamath algae.

Nutrigea is a company founded in 1998 by Dr. Stefano Scoglio – nominated for the 2018 Nobel Prize for Medicine – as the basis of a new natural medicine project founded on the concept of Primordial Nutritherapy. Thanks to its advanced research laboratories, for years it has been producing extraordinary food supplements derived from Klamath microalgae, photosynthetic cyanobacteria that are born wild in the homonymous lake on the border between Oregon and Canada, in a unique and unco phycocyanins ntaminated ecosystem of amazing beauty. 

Being able to offer the complete range of 100% bioavailable vitamins, they are the primary sources of phycocyanins – the most powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents existing in nature – and phenylethylamines – the so-called "love molecules", highly effective natural neuromodulators able to perform an energetic anti-stress action, as well as significantly improve mood and attention. Phycocyanins and phenylethylamines, extracted and concentrated in two international patents: AfaMax® and Klamin®.

However, other primordial organisms, such as probiotic bacteria, are at the basis of Primordial Nutrition.

A recent patent by Dr. Scoglio has shown how the association of probiotic bacteria with Klamath or its extracts makes them so vital and efficient that they become "immortal": After 20 years of studies and research, only in Nutrigea you can find all the most complete possibilities and health opportunities offered by this extraordinary gift of nature: today available in many immuno-potentiating products, offered at exceptional prices.

Because it has always been Nutrigea's ethical mission to act as a company not only to make profits, but to provide the widest possible range of products that can significantly improve the health and quality of life at reasonable prices. 

That's why in this critical phase, it wanted to propose a strategic offer accessible to all: the ImmunoKit. That is a series of products adaptable to every need, that can definitely strengthen the body and immune system, available for this period at a very discounted price. 

Nutrigea products can all be ordered EU-wide online at this link passing through the company's e-commerce (Klamashop).

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