Zoli “Z-Trap Unsingle” 12-gauge sporting shotgun

Zoli Z-Trap Unsingle
Streamlined, accurate and vaguely futuristic: Zoliʼs “Z-Trap Unsingle” is truly a unique gun

The Antonio Zoli gun manufacturing company is highly regarded as one of Italy's best when it comes to high-end, high-accuracy sporting shotguns. Their price tags are not exactly popular, as they aim for those top-notch professional shooters who ask nothing but the best performance from their guns.

Zoli Z-Trap Unsingle
The “Z-Trap Unsingle”ʼs special rib can be adjusted vertically or at an angle to change the point of impact

This said, the Zoli management definitely couldnʼt ignore the U.S. market, especially given the increasing popularity of Zoli products and the ever-growing demand for precision competition products over there. Thatʼs why the company established a North American branch some time ago and launched a special product series, dubbed the “Z-GUN”, aimed solely to the U.S. market. The latest and best product yet from the “Z-GUN” series is definitely the “Z-Trap Unsingle”, launched in late Summer 2012 for a nationwide distribution in the United States.

Zoli Z-Trap Unsingle
As any respectable target shotgun, Zoliʼs “Z-Trap Unsingle” comes with an adjustable cheekpiece

Zoliʼs “Z-Trap Unsingle” 12-gauge shotgun is named after the trap-shooting specialty it has been conceived for, and after the peculiar barrel system it employs. The most expert shotgunners will be familiar with the concept of “Unsingle barrel”, while most of the general public might not. An “Unsingle barrel” is a single barrel with a very high rib mounted on an over/under shotgun receiver; the barrel is located where the lower barrel of an O/U would be, and is fired by the bottom firing pin. This solution allows for steadier and more accurate aiming and provides a straight recoil, so to enhance accuracy. There's no wonder if it is an exceptional choice for competitive shooting.

Zoli Z-Trap Unsingle
Elegance is never neglected in Italian products: the “Z-Trap Unsingle” shotgun is finely carved with the company trademarks

Based on the highly successful Z-GUN series action with removable trigger mechanism, the “Z-Trap Unsingle” shotgun features sn innovative adjustable rib and comb system which allows the shooter to adjust the rib and comb height parallel to the bore as well as change the point of impact. The adjustment of POI with the rib is done via simple micrometer wheels which allow the shooter to raise the pattern over 150%.

All this combines with exquisitely crafted side locks, an adjustable cheekpiece and selected handguard and stock to provide a perfectly tuned, highly-performant and definitely elegant shooting machine that is well worth the very high price tag (over 5,000US$) the company asks for.