Franchi I-12 “Predator Synthetic”

An ergonomic semi-auto shotgun, the new Franchi I-12 “Predator Synthetic” handles any 2 3/4” target load and even heavy 3” turkey loads, providing unbridled comfort and flexibility, with a great resistance to moisture provided by the new synthetic stock which allows perfect use in the most unforgiving hunting environments and makes it an especially apt waterfowl gun

The I-12 is well-balanced, and features a narrow-profile fore-end and buttstock. This Franchi shotgun will handle anything from 1-1/8-ounce target loads to the heaviest 3” magnums.

The recoil pad on the Franchi I-12 is unique in both form and function. With a two-part design including a special gel insert, the recoil pad holds its shape during firing. Then the pad deeply compresses during recoil, soaking up the kick and spreading recoil energy over a wider area of the shooter’s shoulder.

A distinctive Franchi emblem on the grip cap announces that the I-12 is modern and a true original from the design team at Franchi.