Browning A5

At the 2013 EXA could not miss the semi-automatic shotgun Browning A5, this time presented in Ultimate version Ducks. This version has a casing in silver on which are engraved ducks in flight, making the aesthetics of the Browning A5 very refined and elegant.

The new Browning A5 is designed and built to be the semi-automatic shotgun to recoil more reliable, faster, with the best performance and the recoil softer market.

The brand new mechanism inertia Kinematic Drive System is the tireless engine of the rifle, which is guaranteed for 100,000 strokes or 7 years. Other innovations are dell'A5 a concentration of new technologies: the brand new Invector DS chokes mounted on the brand new reeds up-reamed Vector Pro, the butt INFLEX II and finally the system of loading and unloading expressed Speed ​​Load Plus.

In simple terms, the kinetic energy is the energy of movement. The new Browning A5 uses this energy kinetic perfectly thanks to its powerful system Kinematic Drive. The system stores the energy of the recoil and converts it into a mechanical movement able to actuate the moving parts. The Kinematic Drive System allows the semiautomatic Browning A5 to operate smoothly and reliably with any type of loads and in all extreme weather conditions of time, temperature, moisture and dirt.

Browning A5
Lateral view of the new semiatuomatic shotgun Browning A5 Ultimate Partridges

The combination of the thread on the sprint and the thinness of its walls have allowed to achieve a choke longer exclusive with an internal profile in order to improve the distribution of the pellets. From model to model cylindrical Extra-Full, the pink are better spaced. The internal profile allows longer to get extremely dense distributions and constants. The outer profile at the muzzle, which receives the seat of the choke, has been optimized and refined. In addition to the overall appearance of the gun, this improvement has also enabled us to optimize the allocation of the masses at the rod and thus to improve the swing and the balance of the weapon.
The patented loading cartridge sends the first tank directly into the chamber. Thanks to its quick-loading device, the operations of unloading are quick and easy, without having to send each cartridge in the chamber through the shutter.