CZ-612 HD
The baseline CZ-612 "Home Defense" shotgun, with its standard-design synthetic stock and handguard and a 18-inches barrel, is a reliable property defense and private security service weapon

The well-known CZ - Česká Zbrojovka A.S. group − headquartered in the town of Uherský Brod, Czech Republic − spent the past years to completely renew its products line, particularly concerning its service/defense catalog: ranging from the P-07 and P-09 "Duty" and SP-01 series pistols to the "Scorpion" EVO-3 A1 sub-machinegun and EVO-3 S1 semi-automatic carbine, up to the CZ-805 "BREN" assault rifle system and related CZ-805 G1 modular 40x46mm-SR grenade launcher, CZ offers now a fully modern armament line for military and law enforcement officers. Up to date, the only weapon category that enjoys a huge acceptance between military, law enforcement and private security operators in north America, Europe and other parts of the world, but which the CZ products line completely lacked, was a slide-action (or pump-action) shotgun.

CZ-612 HC-P
The CZ-612 "Horde Control - Pump" shotgun comes with a long handguard, a tactical fixed stock with pistol grip, a top Picatinny rail, and Ghost Ring sights

We said that it "lacked" because that what CZ-USA did. CZ-USA is the north American branch of the CZ group, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Kansas City (KS) ever since 1998. Following agreements between CZ, CZ-USA and some third-party contractors and providers − mostly Turkish gun makers − CZ-USA launched a line of pump-action, 12-gauge, 3-inches ("Magnum") chamber shoguns, dubbed the CZ-612, coming with all the best quality and performance features that made the CZ brand famous, although with a lower price tag that will make these shotguns affordable for most hunters, sports shooters, and professionals out there, particularly in these times of dire global economic constraints that put the average gun enthusiasts out there on a strict budget.

CZ-612 "Wildfowl Magnum"
The strictly hunting-oriented variant of the CZ-612 system comes with a full camo finish, a long handguard, and a 26-inches barrel

All the CZ-612 pump-action shotguns come with a stainless steel frame protected by a water-resistant and corrosion-resistant finish, a 4140 steel barrel, and reinforced polymer stock and handguard. The baseline model, dubbed the CZ-612 HD ("Home Defense"), is 38 inches long overall and comes with a standard stock and a 18.5 inches barrel that's equipped with a standard cylindric choke and a single front sight with a tritium insert. The magazine tube will hold up to five 12-gauge, 3" shotshells − overall capacity tops six rounds, if an additional shell is loaded in chamber; a longer, 26-inch barrel with ventilated rib can be purchased as an aftermarket replacement and easily installed on the CZ-612 HD by the shooter himself/herself so to turn the baseline home defense model into a practical, affordable clay shooting or hunting piece... although the CZ-612 line already features a straight hunting-oriented model, dubbed the CZ-612 Wildfowl Magnum, coming with a long polymer handguard, a full camo finish, a 26 inches barrel, and Modified and Extra Full chokes that are steel-shot certified. The CZ-612 "Wildfowl Magnum" model is 46.5 inches long and weighs about 6.8 lbs empty.

26" barrel for the CZ-612 shotgun
The baseline CZ-612 HC shotgun can be turned into a practical hunting piece by replacing the factory 18.5" barrel with an aftermarket 26" version

Last, the CZ-612 HC-P ("Horde Control - Pump") model represents the "tactical" entry in the CZ-612 pump-action shotguns line. The CZ-612 HC-P is 39.5 inches long overall and comes with a 18.5 inches barrel, LPA Ghost Ring sights, a top MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny" rail for additional aiming devices, and a fixed tactical-type stock with an ergonomically-shaped pistol grip. Overall weight for this model 6 lbs. Standard capacity for the CZ-612 HC-P is the usual 5+1, but this particular model can be equipped with an additional magazine extention that boosts the overall capacity to eight shotshells.

As of today, the CZ-612 pump-action shotguns are made available only on the U.S. and north American market. The manufacturer's suggested retail price varies according to the different models and their peculiar features: the baseline CZ-612 HD version goes at about 290.00US$, while the CZ-612 "Wildfowl Magnum" hunting variant goes for 409.00US$ and the tactical-style CZ-612 HC-P goes at 349.00US$. Perspective non-US buyers should inquire with CZ-USA or with their local CZ distributors and importers concerning local availability and pricing, although chances are that they'll have to wait until ufficial non-US distribution is launched (if ever). In the meanwhile, enjoy this demonstration of the CZ-612 "Wildfowl Magnum" shotgun, starring the legendary clay shooter and world record holder, Tom Knapp, in one of his last performances. The video was shot in April 2013: Tom Knapp passed away just a few days later.