Caesar Guerini Summit Impact

Caesar Guerini Summit Impact
A splendid shotgun, Gueriniʼs Summit Impact will adapt to every shooter to provide the best performance on all fields

Should you adjust to your gun …or should it adjust to you? The new Summit Impact allows the shooter to adjust all critical specifications making it easy to fine tune the gun to their shooting style. Point-of-impact, overall weight, stock fit, trigger system, recoil characteristics, and balance are all customizable. The geometry of the Impact allows for an upright shooting stance, making your gun mount more comfortable while reducing felt recoil. The result is less strain on your neck and shoulders allowing you to concentrate on only the target. The 17mm tall tapered rib dramatically increases target visibility.

Caesar Guerini Summit Impact
Featuring adjustable ribs and comb in both “Sporting” and “Trap” variants, the Summit Impact shotgun is definitely the ultimate shooting machine!

The Impact is the world’s most versatile clay target gun carefully designed for the worlds best competitors, and it could not be different, having been conceived and put into production in this glorious Olympic year that saw olympian shooters earn so many gold medals, especially for Italy, the motherland of this fine shooting machine. Combining superb guncraftsmanship and typical Italian style with the best available performances, the Caesar Gueriniʼs Summit Impact shotgun is guaranteed to provide the best for every shooter.

Caesar Guerini Summit Impact
Gueriniʼs typical finely-crafted frame is finished in satin blue and protected by the patented Invisalloy™ treatment

The Caesar Guerini Summit Impact over/under shotgun features a 17mm-tall D.T.S. rib, adjustable from 5% low to 90% high by simply turning one screw, which allows for a more up­right and comfortable shooting position while improving visibility. The Impact rib is 40% lower than Guerini's standard trap rib but, offers many of the same advantages. Furthermore, the Summit Impact O/U shotgun comes standard with the D.T.S. "adjustable comb", featuring a patented 7 way adjustability and index screws for fine calibration, and with the new D.T.S. trigger system, with two trigger pull weight options, take up, over travel, and length of pull adjustments. Optional D.T.S. barrel balancers allow weight to be added anywhere along the barrel in seconds.

Caesar Guerini Summit Impact
The Summit Impact is available in 12-gauge and 20-gauge versions, both with 2.3/4” chamber

Featuring a glare-free satin blued finish with Invisalloy clear protection on both frame and barrels, this superb shotgun has stock and handguard crafted out of 100% selected walnut. All barrels comee tested and certified for correct point-of-impact regulation, and all stocks are pre-fit for the optional D.T.S. Kinetic Balancer system with mul­tiple weights and micro adjustment, also including kinetic recoil reduction and doesnʼt need to be removed to access the stock bolt when removing your stock. Left hand and custom stock dimensions are available. A trap style semi-beavertail fore-end is also an option. Prices vary depending from version to version:

Caesar Guerini Summit Impact
The frame on the Caesar Gueriniʼs Summit Impact O/U shotgun is laser-engraved; all gold inlays are realized manually
  • MSRP $5,150 (12 gauge, 30”, 32”, 34” barrel)
  • MSRP $7,725 (12 Type-S (Skeet 4g Comp. Pkg), 28”, 30” barrel)
  • MSRP $5,150 (12 Type-T (Trap), 34” barrel)
  • MSRP $7,400 (12 Unsingle Combo, 32”-34” barrel)
  • MSRP $5,150 (20 gauge, 32” barrel)
  • Additional Charge for Left Hand Stock: $215