Invictus III Ascent Trap: testing a revolutionary over-under with world champion Renato Lamera

We'll be brief, because we don't want to ruin the pleasure of watching our video, shot with an exceptional tester: Renato Lamera. Renato has been spending his whole life on the shooting stands, he is the owner of the beautiful "Cieli Aperti" shooting range  ( near Bergamo, Italy, and is an instructor, an author of books on clay target shooting and world recordman in dynamic clay target shooting. In fact, he hit in a single sequence and with separate shots as many as eleven clay pigeons he threw into the air by hand by himself. 

Renato Lamera introduces Caesar Guerini Invictus III Ascent Trap over-under

Caesar Guerini III Ascent Trap, testing a revolutionary over-under with world champion Renato Lamera
Not only a lot of technology, but also attention for aesthetics: the receiver of the Invictus III is richly decorated with engravings and gold inlays.

Renato Lamera not only made available the stands of his range, but also and above all his experience to evaluate this over-under shotgun that, like all models of Caesar Guerini's Invictus series, sports unique technical features, including the replaceable hinge pins on the barrel, which together with the "Invictus block" lug – that can also be easily replaced – allow you to restore a perfect locking at any time and without any difficulty.

The 30” / 76 cm Maxisbore barrels of the Invictus III Ascent Trap feature a 2 ¾” / 70 mm chamber, tapered ventilated rib and are fitted with Maxischoke Competition internal chokes. 

Invictus III Ascent Trap, top technology and aesthetics

Caesar Guerini III Ascent Trap, testing a revolutionary over-under with world champion Renato Lamera
A demonstration stock gives a glimpse of the "DTS Kinetic Balancer" recoil damping device installed.

But technology is not everything, and in the Invictus III is also very nice aesthetically. For this reason, the steel receiver is embellished with engravings with gold inlays.
The Caesar Guerini Invictus III Ascent is a very versatile gun and, as you will see in the video, you can change its balance by applying some weights along the side rib.

The stock features the DTS - Dynamic Tuning System with "No Impact" full rubber recoil pad, and the "DTS Kinetic Balancer" recoil damper can be installed inside it.

But now let's leave the floor to the great Renato Lamera. Enjoy watching our video and don't forget to leave your rating!

Video: Caesar Guerini Invictus III Ascent Trap introduced by Renato Lamera

Caesar Guerini Invictus III Ascent Trap: technical data

ModelInvictus III Ascent Trap
Barrel length:
30” / 76 cm
Top rib: tapered ventilated 
132.27 oz / 3750 g
DTS with adjustable cheek piece
Stock length: 
14.8” / 377 mm 
full rubber 
ABSPRO briefcase 
white spherical 
Maxischoke Competition
Price: 6140 euro (price may vary due to VAT and importer)

Weights are calculated with 76 cm barrels and standard stocks. Each gun comes with wrenches to remove the stock and adjust the trigger.
Steel shot on request.

To learn more about Invictus III Ascent Trap shotgun, please visit Caesar Guerini website.

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