Blaser F3 “SuperSport”

Riding the wave of the great success and attention gathered at the 2012 editions of the Las Vegas SHOT Show and Nuremberg's IWA, the new F3 “SuperSport” 12-gauge over-and-under sporting shotgun has finally been launched on the international markets by its manufacturer, the Blaser Jagdwaffen company of Isny im Allgäu (Germany).

Ideally suited for Trap and “Parcours de Chasse” shooting competitions, Blaserʼs new F3 “SuperSport” shotgun has already received the praise of many olympic shooters for its incredibly degree of adaptability to the user's individual need, beyond every conceptual model. Basically every part of the F3 “SuperSport” over-and-under shotgun, from the stock to the barrel rib, is adjustable indefinitely according to the shooter's preferences and demands. A command also allows the shooter to decide which of the two barrels will be shot first; both barrels have a 3” 12-gauge chambering and are free-floating, so that heating wonʼt impair their accuracy.

Blaser F3 SuperSport
Built with the best available technologies, yet respecting Blaserʼs traditional style, the F3 “SuperSport” shotgun is a great shooting machine

Weight balancers located on the barrels and the stock will also allow the shooter to re-distribute the weight at his/her own will, and to increase the overall weight of the F3 “SuperSport” shotgun up to further 350 grams. The “SuperSport” over-and-under shotgun, just like all other F3 series models, features the best in Blaser's innovations, such as the IBS inertia blocking system and the EBS enhanced ejection system, plus a very crisp, adjustable trigger with a maximum weight of 1.4 kilograms; last, the KICK-EEZ Sorbothane buttpad grants extreme shock absorption capabilities for better recoil management, making the Blaser F3 “SuperSport” over-and-under shotgun a perfect, and custom-perfectible, competition machine for the most unforgiving shooters.