Beretta SL2 Launch Edition, the new scoring machine presented to Olympic champions

By now it's no mystery that one of the markets on which Beretta has been pressing ahead is clay shooting, where the Italian company invested a great deal in recent years and where it reaped many rewards. If Tokyo 2020 was stingy with medals for Italian shooters, it has not been so for Beretta, who saw shooters using its guns get on the podium nine times.

But it's already time to think about Paris 2020, and so Beretta is introducing to the market a new over-and-under shotgun platform expressly designed for clay shooting, in which centuries of experience and the most modern design and production technologies combine.

Here is the Beretta SL2, an over-and-under featuring futuristic lines and state-of-the-art technical solutions that for now will be available to a limited number of lucky customers only. It is in fact a limited Launch Edition of just fifty shotguns divided between Trap, Skeet and Sporting. Compared to the production version that will be released in 2022, in this limited series the receiver surface has a super-technological DLC finish, glossy black color and acid green logo embellishing the receiver bottom. A special case and a personalized "congratulation card" complete the package.

the Beretta SL2 is available in a limited edition of just 50 guns
For the time being, the Beretta SL2 is available in a limited edition of just 50 guns, but will enter regular production in 2022.

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New Beretta SL2 main features 

Every detail of the new Beretta SL2, built on a Boss-type action, is aimed at reducing felt recoil, making swing easier and aiming immediate. Let's see now the main features of the shotgun:

  • DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) surface coating
  • Innovative anti-glare finish on the top of the action and opening lever
  • Innovative design maximizing field view
  • Grade 4 walnut wood stock
  • New forend design
  • Removable and interchangeable trigger group
  • Beretta Steelium Pro barrels

Stock and forend are "grade 4" wood, finely hand checkered for a perfect grip – for the Launch Edition shotguns, these two parts will be tailor-made on the individual shooter's needs. The process of material selection starts from the headed stock, under the careful supervision by Beretta gunsmiths. The forend has been designed with a new contour and a front finger stop for maximum ergonomics. Completing the stock and fore-end assembly is the tried and tested Beretta MicroCore recoil pad, known for its excellent recoil absorption and secure shoulder support.

The trigger group of the Beretta SL2 
The trigger group of the Beretta SL2 is detachable. In the limited edition version it has a carbon fiber trigger guard.

The heart of the Beretta SL2 is the receiver with Boss-type locking system with a gusset that goes between the first and second barrel, while the base of the sleeve fits into a V-shaped bedding made in the base of the action itself. The surface treatment is the brand new DLC, a carbon film that protects the surface from aging, making it resistant to acids or alkaline and corrosive solutions (such as acid sweat). The unique feature of this treatment is its excellent resistance to wear and scratches, so much so that it is widely used for "heavy duty" applications (e.g. military production). The receiver is innovative, featuring a streamlined design: the upper section has been reduced to the essential, which together with a revolutionary anti-glare surface treatment consisting in micro-pyramids capable of breaking down light and the very low design of the opening lever, allows a perfect view of the target even in the most extreme lateral trajectories. Specifically, the result provides maximum shadow, whatever the direction and angle with which the light hits the surface.

The next step was to apply the chosen texture to curved surfaces that are difficult to process with laser. Many tests were carried out: since this is a particularly fine texture to develop, even a slightly wrong angle of the laser source did not guarantee an homogeneous engraving. Several tests were carried out simulating various types of curvature, until the final result was reached that allowed to eliminate reflections and excessive glare with any contour. Finally, the side plates show are mirror-polished, contrasting with the matte parts and creating the unique elegance of this gun, which can be included as a member of the prestigious Pietro Beretta Selection.

For the new SL2, a Boss action
For the new SL2, a Boss action has been adopted, which allows the height of the gun to be kept low, with positive effects in terms of alignment on the target.

The trigger group is detachable and uses leaf springs that always ensure a clean and consistent pull. For the Launch Edition, a second trigger group entirely made of carbon will also be provided.

The 12-gauge barrels are the super-tested Steelium Pro already mounted on the DT11, accompanied shooters in many international successes and 19 medals (7 Gold; 7 Silver; 5 Bronze) in the last two Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. The barrels feature the particularly elongated progressive triple cone for a more homogeneous pellet pattern: overall length is 46 centimeters. The surface finish consists in full hand polishing by the Beretta craftsmen.

Finally, the case the gun is delivered in represents a perfect synthesis between innovation and tradition: it has an outer carbon shell, while the black microfiber interior with the SL2 logo in acid green is entirely hand-made in the Pietro Beretta Custom Atelier. For this element too, Beretta wanted to show its ability to be a forerunner while maintaining strong links with its origins.

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