Brand new: Beretta A400Xcel Sporting for clay shooting. Evolution never stops...

Between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, Beretta certainly did not sleep on its laurels and presented some interesting guns on the market, such as the new SL2 over-and-under shotgun that we will see on the Olympic platforms in Paris in 2024.

Now Beretta has announced the launch of a renewed version of another sporting clays shotgun that is very much loved by enthusiasts: the A400 Xcel Sporting in 12 gauge Magnum.

The new version of the Xcel Sporting is built on the the revolutionary A400 platform and, as is the current trend, features oversized controls. But that's not all: the innovative B-link gas operating system allows a 36% faster follow-up shots while the Beretta Kick-Off Plus recoil reduction system enhances stability, comfort and control for faster target acquisition.

The Beretta A400 Xcel Sporting
The Beretta A400 Xcel Sporting features an oil-finished Xtra Grain class walnut stock. It is fitted with the ever-present Kick-Off Plus recoil reduction system.

New Beretta A400Xcel Sporting, a semi-automatic for the sporting course

“Improving such a technologically advanced shotgun, already at the top of a very crowded product segment, seemed to be an impossible mission to undertake,” Carlo Ferlito, General Manager & C.O.O. of Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. and Member of the Board of Directors of Beretta USA, Corp., said. “However, we accomplished this feat and are proud to introduce the A400 Xcel Sporting – crafted by the Beretta engineering team with updates made based on customer input. The final result is here: the best sporting semi-auto ever built.”

The elegant lines and superior ergonomics of the new A400Xcel Sporting were designed with the sole goal of naturally following the shooter's eye to the target.

Technical features: Beretta A400Xcel Sporting semi-auto shotgun

  • New receiver shape top and bottom profile
  • Aqua Tech Shield Grey coating with laser engraving on coating
  • New pistol grip design with palm swell
  • Extended bolt handle and release
  • New competition shell carrier
  • Shooting cap design with aftermarket weights for gun balance
  • New top rib design competition look
  • New forend and ergonomics
  • 3 OCHP Black edition 20mm ext. Chokes
  • Kick-Off plus wood stock: -40% of felt recoil

The updated version of the A400Xcel Sporting semi-automatic features a new aesthetically appealing gun body design with an enhanced top and bottom profile and a proprietary Aquatech Shield grey coating for superior corrosion protection. The extended bolt handle and release are oversized to ensure safer and more effective manipulaton even during the hectic phases of a competition.

The magazine cap
The magazine cap is painted like the receiver and allows the insertion of counterweights to customize the set-up of the gun.

The new version of the A400 Xcel features the ultra-fast B-Link gas operating system designed by Beretta: this technology allows a 36% faster cycling compared to competitors' models. The power of this system, combined with the precision of the rotating bolt, ensures fast and, above all, reliable cycling. The re-engineering of the gas ports and the systematic reduction of all mechanical frictions reduce dirt and maintenance needs to a minimum.

The closing force is stronger because, when the reloading cycle begins, the energy available to unlock the bolt is much greater than in other systems: the rotating head always repositions perfectly.

The magazine tube cap has been redesigned and now allows the addition of weights (available in aftermarket) to customize the gun's balance. The ergonomic checkering on the fore-end guarantees a more secure grip and an even more instinctive pointing.

The barrel of the A400 Xcel Sporting is made of tri-alloy steel with proprietary Steelium technology, available in 28”, 30”, and 32” (71-76-81 cm) lengths. It is characterized by deep drilling, cold hammer forgng and vacuum relieving. The special geometry with an 80 mm double forcing cone is designed to offer outstanding performance and perfect and uniform patterns, reducing at the same time felt recoil.

The 10x8 mm flat rib is ventilated. It features a brass intermediate sight and end at the muzzle with a white pearl sight.

The right side of the receiver
The right side of the receiver shows the particular finish with a specially-designed laser engraving on Aquatec Shield coating. 

The A400 Xcel Sporting features an oil-finished Xtra Grain walnut stock and Kick-Off Plus system, a Beretta patent that ensures at least 40% less felt recoil for greater comfort when firing. The Kick-Off Plus consists of two elastomer shock absorbers, positioned close to the rubber insert and equipped with return springs, which effectively act on the first recoil peak, reducing its perception up to 40%. A third elastomer shock absorber, inserted in the tie rod, absorbs the impact of the slide against the receiver, reducing the second recoil peak, the muzzle rise effect and the vibrations caused by the movement of the slide. Price for the new Beretta A400 Xcel Sporting is 2569 euros – but this can vary in different countries due to import duties and local VAT.

For shooters looking for a model that fits a smaller stature with a shortened length of pull and stock dimensions, Vittoria model stocks are available. 

To learn more please visit the Beretta website.

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