Mossberg MVP Flex bolt-action rifle now available in 7.62mm caliber

Mossberg MVP Flex bolt-action rifle, now available in 7.62x51mm
Mossberg's MVP Flex 7.62mm/.308 caliber rifles feed from a detachable magazine, and can fit either a fixed stock or an adjustable four-position or six-position stock

The US-based O.F. Mossberg & Sons company is mostly known to the general public for its ubiquitous line of pump-action shotguns; the Company, however, also manufactures several models of rimfire and centerfire rifles, whose popularity − particularly on the north American market − was revamped two years ago the launch of the MVP "Flex" line.
First showcased in the year 2013, the MVP "Flex" line of Mossberg-branded rifles was first patterned as a modification of the MVP series, launched as early as in the year 2011.

The Mossberg MVP rifles were already innovative Per Se in such a traditional field such as the bolt action rifles market, thanks to their patented Drop-Push hinged bolt that provided absolute reliability when feeding from certain types of detachable magazines: as a matter of fact, the first MVP "Flex" rifles were chambered for the 5,56x45mm/.223 Remington caliber, and fed through AR-15 detachable magazines.

Mossberg MVP Flex bolt-action rifle, now available in 7.62x51mm
The MVP Flex .308/7,62mm caliber rifles are available with a black or desert tan stock

In 2014, the line was expanded with the launch of the Mossberg MVP "Flex" rifles in 7,62x51mm/.308 Winchester caliber, merely one year after the launch of the 7,62mm/.308 caliber variants of the standard Mossberg MVP "Patrol", "Predator" and "Varmint" rifles.

First showcased at the Las Vegas SHOT Show in January, Mossberg's MVP "Flex" rifles in 7,62mm/.308 caliber started only recently to enjoy a full-fledged commercial availability.

One of their most interesting feature is the multirole magazine well. Once again, the 7,62x51mm/.308 Winchester Mossberg MVP "Flex" rifles feed through detachable magazines, with proprietary 5-rounds or 10-rounds magazines available depending from local laws and regulations; however, the magazine well of the 7,62mm/.308 caliber MVP "Flex" rifles can accept both M14/M1A and SR-25 type detachable magazines as well.

This means that the use of "reduced capacity" magazines will make the Mossberg MVP "Flex" rifles legal for hunting in those jurisdictions where the magazine capacity of firearms used on the hunting field is limited by law; at the same time, though, compatibility with common "high capacity" magazines makes them perfectly viable as sports shooting or property defense rifles for civilians.

Mossberg MVP Flex bolt-action rifle, now available in 7.62x51mm
The 7.62mm/.308 Mossberg MVP Flex rifles are available with a 18.5" or 20" barrel, either with a fluted sporter or medium Bull profile

Law enforcement agencies may also want to consider the MVP "Flex" rifles as an alternative for the "Patrol Rifle" role, as they offer the perfect compromise in weight, size, accuracy, range, and firepower.

But the new Mossberg MVP 7,62mm/.308 caliber bolt-action rifles are dubbed the "Flex" for a reason... and that's the "Flex TLS" system, one of the innovations the Company is most proud of.

First implemented in 2012 on the Mossberg 500 and 590-series pump-action shotguns, then on the Company's own .22 rimfire carbines, and finally on the .223 and .308 caliber MVP bolt-action rifles, the "Flex TLS" system is based on the "Tool-less Locking System" quick-release, rotating spring latch that keeps the buttstock in position.

The TLS latch can be rotated and released in all conditions without tools, even when using gloves, to quickly and easily remove the buttstock of your Mossberg gun and replace it with another one, right on the field and in seconds. A standard "Youth" style stock with a 12.½‐inch, 13.½‐inch or 14.½‐inch lenght of pull can quickly be replaced with a "Tactical" style stock, featuring an AR-15 type pistol grip and a six-positions adjustable M4 telescopic stock.

Mossberg MVP Flex bolt-action rifle, now available in 7.62x51mm
The quick-release "Flex" system allows the replacement of the factory-issued stock with another, to better suit each shooter's individual taste and needs

Just like the earlier 5,56x45mm/.223 Remington variants, the 7,62x51mm/.308 Winchester versions of the Mossberg MVP "Flex" bolt-action rifles line are available with a black, desert tan, MOBU Infinity or Realtree MAX-4 camo stock, as well as with a MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny" optics rail, a Mossberg LBA ("Lightning Bolt Action") trigger − user-adjustable from 2 to 7 pounds − and a 18.½‐inch or 20-inch barrel, both available in fully fluted or medium Bull profiles, and with an 11-degree tapered muzzle crown.

Mossberg's MVP "Flex" bolt-action rifles in 7.62x51mm/.308 Winchester are currently available for purchase in the United States at a manufacturer's suggested retail price ranging from $966.00 to $1142.00, depending from the variant. Replacement stocks and additional proprietary magazines are sold separately.

Non-US customers should contact their national authorized Mossberg dealers to inquire about local availability and pricing: the international dealers listing can be checked on the Mossberg website.

Mossberg MVP Flex bolt-action rifle, now available in 7.62x51mm
The Mossberg MVP "Flex" represents one of the most versatile bolt-action modern rifle systems available on the market today, in any caliber!