Marlin XS7-VH

Since its introduction in 2008, the Marlin X7 series of bolt action rifles has taken the hunting world by storm: described as the “best rifle in its class”, the Marlin X7 series is built for those who demand premium features at a value price point.

Varmint hunting is very popular and Marlin has recently decided to become part of the hunt with the announcement of the XS7-VH (Varmint Hunter) bolt action rifle. This new Marlin, which is built on the rugged and highly praised X7 action, is chambered in two, long-range and hard hitting varmint hunting cartridges; the 22-250 Remington and the 308 Winchester.

The Model XS7-VH has a heavy, six-groove, 26” barrel and a pillar bedded, black synthetic stock. Each rifle is also shipped with a scope base.

Like all Marlin X7 rifles, the Model XS7-VH is made with the latest in rifle design and technology. The XS7 has modern yet practical features like Marlin's new “Pro–Fire®” accuracy enhancing trigger and the “Soft–Tech®” recoil pad: features that matter to the experienced hunter.

Marlin's new user-adjustable trigger system allows the shooter to customize the trigger pull weight between three and six pounds, while providing the ultimate crispness with zero creep. An in-house Marlin design, the “Pro–Fire®” Trigger Safety prevents movement of the trigger until the safety is fully depressed, while he “Soft–Tech®” recoil pad significantly reduces felt recoil, making the X7VH much easier and more pleasant to shoot than other rifles in its class.

Other notable features on the XS7-VH rifle include: a fluted bolt for an exceptionally smooth action, steel sling swivel studs that will not break or degrade over time, pillar bedding for consistent accuracy, high polished blued steel, checkered bolt handle and a recessed target style muzzle crown.

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