H&R / AAC “Handi-Rifle”

For many years, Harrington & Richardsonʼs “Handi-Rifle” has been the single-shot choice for the accomplished and self-assured hunter that takes pride in hismarksmanship. Now, the multifaceted capabilities of the “Handi-Rifle” are taken one step further as Harrington & Richardson and AAC - Advanced Armament Corp., both wholly owned by the Freedom Group, announce a .300-AAC “Blackout” variant of this sound and practical design.

The 7,62x35mm, also known as the .300-AAC, .300BLK or simply .300 “Blackout”, has been developed between 2010 and 2011 as an alternative to the NATO standard 5,56x45mm round to be chambered in M4-type military rifles to provide combat personnel with higher-hitting firepower that would perform well when used in conjunction with silencers or sound suppressors, maintaining noise signature and flash to a record low. While the .300-AAC “Blackout” failed to appeal the U.S. military community as a replacement for the 5,56mm chambering − as did all similar alternatives that were proposed in the past decade, from the Remington 6,8x43mm SPC and up − this caliber quickly gained an enthusiast following between sports shooters and hunters alike for its controllability in all situations and its undeniable stopping power.

Merely 30 inches long, the H&R/AACʼs .300-BLK single-shot “Handi-Rifle” features a phosphate-finished 16-inch barrel with an 1:7 twist and a 5/8”-24 TPI muzzle thread with protector cap that will readily accept any variety of muzzle attachments or suppressors, all mounted on a glass-filled polymer stock with black matte finish, swivel studs and recoil pad. The “Handi-Rifle” works through a single-action trigger with a 11.75” long pull which is manually armed through the external hammer. Coming without any iron sights, the “Handi-Rifle” is equipped with a Weaver scope mount rail. The MSRP for the H&R/AACʼs brand new .300-BLK “Handi-Rifle” is US$359.

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