Fausti “Class Express”

Fausti Class Express
The “Class Express” is the perfect rifle for battue hunters who love the typically Italian gunmaking style of the Fausti sisters

The new “Class Express” battue rifle model from Fausti has been specifically studied and designed for those who love driven hunting with style, or more properly, with the typical elegance that the three sisters from Marcheno ‒ Elena, Giovanna and Barbara ‒ got us all used to in the past years. Reliability, elegance, traditional beauty and easy handling are the most important features in this firearm realized out of 20-gauge locks, with high-precision barrels finely tuned in-house at the Faustiʼs own shooting gallery and featuring single or double trigger systems, manual or automatic extractors, and in any case a pair of extremely solid barrel locking lugs to withstand the extremely high pressure levels of the highest calibers it is chambered for, such as the .45-70 Government, .444-Marlin, 7x65R, .30-06 Springfield, 8x57mm-JRS, 9,3x74R and .30R-Blaser.