Chiappa Firearms' new lever-actions for 2013

Chiappa Firearms mod.1892 "Bounty Hunter"
A true mainstay in Chiappa's product line, the "Bounty Hunter" large-size pistol is part of the "Mare's Leg" series

Headquartered in the city of Azzano Mella, in northern Italy, and operating in north America through an US-based branch − Chiappa Firearms, Ltd., based in Dayton, Ohio − the Armi Chiappa group established itself during the years as a premiere maker of replica firearms, although recently their production line took a decise "modernist" turn. And yet, lever-action rifles, carbines and shotguns are still a mainstay in Chiappa's production lines, with new models being added basically every year, much to the happiness of sportsmen, hunters, collectors and Cowboy Action Shooting enthusiasts alike. The Mare's Leg line is an example: the ultra-short version of the Winchester 1892 lever-action carbine, as used by Steve McQueen in the TV series "Wanted: Dead or Alive" was generally unavailable on the global market − with the exception of a few NFA-regulated custom replicas in the United States − until Chiappa launched its production line of pistol-sized, 100% legal versions. New for 2013 is the Bounty Hunter version, available in .45 Long Colt caliber with a 5-rounds overall capacity, sporting a large lever loop and a 12-inch barrel.

Chiappa Firearms mod.1892 "Skinner Trapper"
A new handy 18"-barreled carbine, the "Skinner Trapper" will serve greatly sportsmen and hunters alike

If the "Mare's Leg" is either a sporting-purpose or defensive weapon, the new Skinner Trapper carbine will also encounter the taste of many hunters out there, being chambered for the .45/70 Government cartridge, whose stopping power is generally more than enough for most preys. Based upon the Winchester 1886 lever-action carbine design, the "Skinner Trapper" model comes with a walnut stock with rubber buttplate, a walnut handguard, Skinner-type rear sight and fiber optic front sight with interchangeable blades, and large lever loop. All metal parts sports a matte blue finish. Total barrel lenght is 18 inches, capacity overall is 5 rounds, and the frame is drilled and tapped to accept a Weaver scope mount.

Chiappa Firearms mod.1886 "Kodiak"
A modern variant of the classic 1886 design, the "Kodiak" still sports a half-octagonal barrel

Yet another 1886 derivative, with a decise twist at modernity, is the Kodiak rifle. Still chambered for the .45/70 Government cartridge and sporting a 5-shots overall capacity, the "Kodiak" rifle offers outstanding match of comfort and aesthetics. The stock and forend on the "Kodiak" rifle are manufactured out of walnut and protected with the Soft Touch treatment, a layer of matte black, rubber-based paint that gives the surface a firm and pleasant grip; the particularly soft rubber buttplate will help the shooter in managing the firm recoil of the .45/70 caliber. The receiver, the bolt, the small-loop cocking lever, the barrel and all other visible metal parts are protected from corrosion, oxidation and other dangerous effect of natural elements through a Ruthenium-based hard-chrome type finish. The "Kodiak" rifle sports a button-rifled, semi-octagonal barrel with Skinner-type sights, available in 18-inch or 22-inch lenghts.

Chiappa Firearms mod.1887 "Trophy Hunter"
A rifled-bore variant of Chiappa's model 1887, the "Trophy Hunter" shotgun is optimized for slugs

Shotgun enthusiasts will also find something that suits their needs and preferences in Chiappa's brand new products lineup for 2013. The Trophy Hunter variant of their now classic 1887 replica lever-action shotgun is chambered for 2.¾" 12-gauge shotshells and sports an overall 6-shots capacity, yet its most important feature is the 22-inches rifled barrel for Slugs. Skinner rear sights and fiber-optic front sight come standard, along with a 100% matte blue finish on all metal parts, walnut stock and forend, and a rubber buttplate. The 1887 "Trophy Hunter" shotgun is 39-inches long overall and weights 9 lbs, unloaded.

Chiappa Firearms mod.1887 "Mare's Leg"
Compact, handy, packs a punch: that's why the model 1887 "Mare's Leg" may not be available in all jurisdictions...

Last, but not least, this year even the 1887 gets a Mare's Leg version, only 37" long and with a 18.5" barrel, holding up to six 12-gauge, 2.¾" shotshells and featuring a walnut pistol grip and handguard, a small lever loop, matte blue barrel and feeding tube, and case-hardened frame.

Having been launched in the past weeks and months on the global market, these products may still not be available in all Countries and/or jurisdictions, due to importers' policies or legal restrictions. Prices may vary from Country to Country, from distributor to distributor and from retailer to retailer, according to local laws and regulations, customs, taxes, and other factors. Further informations about local availability and pricing are best asked directly to the Chiappa Firearms company, or, even better, to your local distributor. The company maintains a comprehensive list of worldwide distributors on its website.