Browning 2013 New Products

Browning presents at the european market the new carabine Browning Maral, with its breech confined in the receiver and its manual cocking system. unlike other straight-pull action rifles, the BROWNING rotating 7-lug bolt system is a guarantee of protection and absolute safety in the event of over-pressure. The breech is completely confined inside the gun’s receiver and does not interfere with aiming when re-cocking. The shooter keeps the target in his sights without any interference. This confinement also guarantees the cleanliness of the breech system. The Maral’s manual cocking system is designed for maximum safety in both beats and hides. The manual cocking button lets you cock your rifle just before firing, by moving it forwards, which puts the hammer springs under load. Conversely, the system is uncocked by pushing the button downwards, which makes the gun inoffensive and completely safe.

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