Barrett M107: 1 shot, one hit – standing!

The all4shooters team always searches the Web for the latest gun-news. But sometimes we stumble over a video, that needs a second or even third view, before we can trust our eyes. Barrett’s semi-automatic rifle, chambered for the powerful .50 BMG round should be recognized at first glance by every gun enthusiast if featured even for the briefest instant on television or on the web. Those of us, who had the opportunity to hold it, know how bulky and heavy the rifle is. No problem since the pros shoot it from a prone position.

Did we say prone?... Ryan Cleckner was a leader of a US-Ranger sniper team. The professional  proves in front of the camera and 9 witnesses, that it’s also possible to shoot the rifle standing and off-hand – and hit a man-sized target 1000 Yards (914,4 m) away!