AirMaks Arms Katran: the new high-power PCP air rifle

The AirMaks Katran is a Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifle manufatured in the Czech Republic and available in .177/4.5 mm, .22/5.5 mm and .25/6.35 mm calibers and in two barrel lengths, 15.74”/400 mm and 20.47”/520 mm. Among the main features of this rifle line, its modularity, since some parts can be easily replaced.

The AirMaks Katran rifle has very interesting features that are rarely found on a PCP gun, starting with the folding stock, made of light alloy, and the AR-15-style pistol grip. In case of need – for example when carrying the rifle – the stock can be folded on the left side of the receiver, where it remains locked thanks to a magnetic locking system. Length of pull and the height of the cheek piece and recoil pad are adjustable.

The left side of the Katran with the stock folded 
The left side of the Katran with the stock folded and held in place by a magnet. In this case it features a 285 cc cylinder tank and 520 mm barrel.

AirMaks Katran, a versatile PCP rifle

The rotary magazine of the AirMaks Arms Katran in .22/5.5 mm
The rotary magazine of the Katran in .22/5.5 mm caliber has a capacity of 16 shots.

The AirMaks Katran is powered by cylinder air tanks with a filling pressure of 300 bar and a capacity of 200-285 cc or by a 400 cc bottle that can be easily fitted and replaced. If the 400 cc bottle is used, the aluminum handguard which features an M-Lok accessory interface  must be replaced. The barrels on the AirMaks rifles, made by CZ, can also be swapped to change from one length to another while staying in the same caliber. The barrel is made of steel, with an aluminum shroud fluted to save weight. The muzzle has a ½" UNF thread and allows for the mounting of a sound moderator.

The AirMaks Katran rifle is fed with the now classic 18-shot (4.5mm), 16- shot (5.5mm), or 14-shot (.35mm) rotary magazines with an anti double-feed system that ensures perfect operation. The pressure regulator contributes to consistency on the target, providing the same air quantity regardless of the pressure level in the tank. By means of an external screw it is also possible to adjust the pellet velocity.

The gun has no sights but has a Picatinny rail on the receiver for mounting conventional optics or any other sight. The trigger is two-stage, with adjustable pull weight from 270 to 340 g, the safety is AR-15-style lever-operated on the left side of the receiver. The length of the rifle with 15.74"/400 mm barrel is 35.82"/910 mm with the stock extended, and 26.92"/684 mm with the stock folded.

Prices in euros for the Katran rifle will be available soon. Stay tuned for updates.

AirMaks Arms Katran PCP rifle specs

AirMaks - Czech Republic
Type:PCP air rifle
Calibers:.177/4.5 mm, .22/5.5 mm and .25/6.35 mm
Air Tank: 200, 285, or 400 cc
Filling Pressure: 300 bar
Rotary type, with a capacity of 18, 16 or 14 shots
Sights: None, Picatinny optics rail, M-Lok handguard
Barrel Length: 15.74"/400 mm or 20.47"/520 mm
Folding and adjustable

To learn more please visit the AirMaks website.  

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