Targetmasdr from D Fence, the new "plug and score" shooting training facility for professional users

A systematic training procedure, its control, analysis and evaluation – now there is a new shooting training system from Switzerland: the Targetmasdr. With this system, existing indoor shooting ranges can be easily expanded to ensure optimal, professional shooting training on the basis of digital hit detection and evaluation.

Individual training with the flexible Targetmasdr

The Targetmasdr with the external operating monitor
The Targetmasdr with the external operating monitor.

The Targetmasdr can – but does not have to – be permanently installed on the shooting range. This is because the shooting system is mounted on castors and can be easily positioned or stowed away. To put it into operation, all you have to do is plug it in and training can begin. In addition to static training, the system can also be used for dynamic training at an angle of up to 270°. The Targetmasdr is approved for handguns up to 1500 joules. Ranges from 1.5 to almost 20 m are no problem, and in the digital simulation the distance can be extended to up to 40 m. For training with long firearms, an increase in ballistic protection to 4000 joules is optionally available.

For control purposes, the system has an external operating monitor that can be operated either by the shooter or, in group training, by the instructor to control and evaluate the training. Many training scenarios can be simulated with several Targetmasdr systems in a network. When positioned in a targeted manner and coupled with the mobile bullet trap for up to 1500 joules, they offer a wide range of possibilities.

Innovative programs and display options for Targetmasdr training with live firearms

The training programs and target displays are very versatile. Static and dynamic targets, image sequences (friend/foe situations, duels, etc.) and interactive target images (pop-up targets, etc.) are available. They are set practically and promptly via touchscreen on the external operating monitor. The targets and hits are displayed simultaneously on both the control monitor and the target screen of the Targetmasdr. This allows the shooter and the instructor to check and analyze hits and groupings together.

The control monitor not only indicates the shot sequence, but also displays split times, total time and scores in a table. The result report with all information, the grouping and circular error probable calculation can be exported as a PDF and used further.

TARGETMASDR control monitor
The TARGETMASDR can be controlled via the touchscreen via the external control monitor.
The hit evaluation on the TARGETMASDR
The hit evaluation on the TARGETMASDR can be saved as a PDF for further analysis.

Further advantages of the Targetmasdr

The TARGETMASDR weighs up to 390 kg
The TARGETMASDR weighs up to 390 kg, but can be easily positioned on castors.

"More time – more training" is one of the most important advantages of the Targetmasdr shooting system, according to the manufacturer D Fence. This is because changing or taping the targets or repairs at the shooting range are no longer necessary, thus allowing to concentrate even more on training and its analysis.

In addition, training programs can be planned and prepared even better in advance. The Targetdesigner software is used for this purpose. In it, the instructor can develop shooting programs and provide settings and parameters with a random generator so that the participants do not get used to the sequences. Own target representations can also be created or imported and provided with hit zones and scoring.

The screen made of natural rubber is supposed to withstand up to 40,000 shots and can be replaced in a few minutes. It even takes only a few seconds to replace the panels on the frame. However, thanks to the extreme sealing ability of the rubber panels, this should only rarely be the case.

There are also no major maintenance requirements. On the hardware side, it is mainly a matter of dust and particle cleaning. As far as the software is concerned, both updates and remote maintenance can be carried out via a WLAN connection.

The Targetmasdr is available in three versions:

Hit Zone:80 x 160 cm63 x 157 cm63 x 157 cm
Overall Height:215 cm205 cm205 cm
Height w/out Wheels:203 cm200 cm200 cm
Overall Width:117 cm89 cm89 cm
Length:155 cm115 cm115 cm
Weight:390 kg330 kg185 kg

For more information about the Targetmasdr please visit the D Fence International Security website.

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