S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012

S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012
Modern yet simple, the S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012 assault rifle answers the needs of the modern law enforcers and warfighters without the unnecessary burdens and overweights found in many, if not all, of the latest assault rifles

Very little is known about this company so far − so little, in fact, that even its physical address and any other contacts than its website URL and its E-Mail address are a well-kept secret. 

Yet, S.A.R.G. Global - Advanced Carbine Technology declares to be:
a research and development firm concentrating on 21st Century small arms design for the civilian, law enforcement and military markets. Quality, Performance, and Innovation, are some of the qualities we bring to our drawing boards. Our advanced engineering methods provide us with a competitive edge in the design of small arms, further leading to a strong intellectual property database insuring a strong industry hold. Working closely with industry professionals, we started our first projects based on real-world operator experience and feedback pertaining to existing designs. Long term durability is what inspires every design feature we implement into our projects”.

S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012
The XS-2012 will be made available in 5.56x45mm, 7.62x39mm, .300-AAC “Blackout” and 6.8x43mm-SPC

Between June and October 2012, S.A.R.G. Global announced the conclusion of a “years long development phase” with the introduction of the first functional prototypes of the XS-2012 assault rifle, a very interesting project that integrates 21st Century firearm technology in a practical platform for the modern warfighter, law enforcer, and even civilian shooter.

S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012
One of the first computer generated drawings of the XS-2012 - as you can see, the rifle will be distributed with fixed or side-folding/telescoping stock

The XS-2012 is a modern lightweight assault rifle developed bringing the greatest technological advancements in modern engineering. Designed in the U.S.A, the XS-2012 shows many innovative features inspired by western small arms advancements in history.

Superior accuracy and extreme reliability were the core essential goals set forth in designing the XS-2012 weapons system which in turn led to a new patent pending operating mechanism; the “Delayed Gas Piston System”. Combining the best features in various sought after piston-operated systems, as well as the direct impingement system, the “Delayed Gas Piston System” was designed to keep carbon fouling out of the chamber while reducing operating stresses and excess heat on critical parts, eliminating the accuracy problems abundant with long and short stroke piston systems, while sustaining the typical accuracy of the Eugene Stoner projectʼs Direct Gas Impringement (DGI) system.

S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012
The XS-2012ʼs “Delayed Gas Piston System” basically consists in a long-stroke piston featuring a gas tube with an expansion chamber that's been designed to maintain the typical accuracy of direct gas impringment systems while implementing the unparalleled reliability of piston-driven operation

The “Delayed Gas Piston System” basically consists in a standard long-stroke piston featuring a rear expansion chamber.

The term “delay” consists in the fact in that the gas piston is affixed to the rear of the bolt carrier. The gas piston is about 6-inch long overall long, therefore it will remain inside of the gas tube all throughout its 4.8-inch full travel, thus preventing any excess gasses from bleeding into the chamber.

The gas piston extends all the way to the rear of the bolt carrier and sits just slightly behind the loaded cartridge when the chamber is fully closed, theoretically eliminating barrel wobble and helping stabilize the barrel harmonics.

The gas system is also totally adjustable, through a four-positions valve that will allow the use of high or low-pressure ammunition alike, will provide excellent performance and results when the rifle is used in combination with a sound suppressor, and will help operators to maintain reliability even should they resort to employ recovered/captured ammunition of questionable quality.

S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012
The XS-2012 is the first gun from a company whose existence has been so secretive up to now that its headquarters still remains unknown

The S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012 assault rifle features high-quality synthetic (reinforced polymer) construction for both upper and lower receivers. The receivers themselves are also monolythic in nature, in that they basically integrate most components. So to speak, the upper receiver hosts a brass deflector for the ejection port and a double guide for a reversible, reciprocating charging handle located well below the optics mounting hardware, and behind the shooters hand, which can double as a forward assist, while the lower receiver fully integrates the pistol grip, the lower trigger guard and the seats/fencings for the fire selector, the hold-open release button and the magazine catch.

S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012
A close-up of the XS-2012ʼs peculiar lower receiver

The XS-2012 assault rifle presents notable advantages over its competitors including an overall parts decrease, lower maintenance cost, and a user-friendly disassembly procedure: all it takes to field-strip it is to remove two takedown pins and the stock so that the two receivers may be splitted apart. The semi quick-change caliber system retains its zero after disassembly and re-assembly of different calibers and barrel configurations. The piston system is designed independently from the barrel structure, making caliber conversions lighter for carry on personel, and lowering the overall costs of ownership. Caliber changes can be conducted by the operator in less than a minute after full disassembly of the rifle.

S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012
The modular bolt of the XS-2012 allows quick caliber interchangeability

Available calibers include the NATO standard 5.56x45mm, the former Soviet standard 7.62x39mm M-43, the Remington 6.8x43mm Special Purposes Cartridge and the newest .300-AAC “Blackout” ammunition that is becoming increasingly popular due to its impressive knockdown power and its superior performances when used along with sound moderators and suppressors. The S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012 assault rifle feeds through a STANAG 4179 magazine well, which means that all commercial 5.56mm, 6.8mm and .300-BLK magazines will perfectly work on the rifle, while the 7.62x39mm cartridge may not be used at this time with AK-47/AKM magazines but only through STANAG-type commercial magazines originally developed for civilian AR-15 platforms chambered in this caliber and now commonly available in the United States and elsewhere.

S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012
A civilian version of the XS-2012, here seen in a CAD drawing, is expected to be launched during 2013

Caliber change is carried on through replacement of the bolt and barrel. This is most, if not all, of what the S.A.R.G. Global XS-2012 gives in to the modern assault rifle design frenzy. In fact, unlike what happens on most competitors, the construction of the XS-2012 is almost elementary (“Modern Minimalism”, we might say!), as the XS-2012 doesnʼt features all the factory add-ons that many others have but will result cumbersome and useless for most of the time. So to speak, the XS-2012 only features a top Picatinny rail for optics; all others shall be installed as aftermarket items, as the rifle is ready to accept them. Barrel lenght varies from 10,5” to 14,5” and up to 16”. A semi-automatic version of the design, called the XS-2012 “Civilian”, is slated to be launched in the near future.

All4shooters.com will obviously follow the development of the XS-2012 step by step and will readily keep you posted about it, while we look forward to see it “live”, possibly during one of the many trade shows that will take place next year.