Remington Military to deliver spares for the XM-2010 to the U.S. Army

Remington Military Products (MPD), a division of Remington Arms Industry, Inc. out of Ilion (NY, U.S.A.) − one of the nationʼs oldest continuously operating manufacturers, having been founded in 1816, and the only U.S. manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition products, distributing its products in over 60 Countries in the world − announced on September 28th the award from the United States Army of a contract for the procurement of spare parts for the XM-2010 bolt-action sniper rifle. The .300-Winchester Magnum XM-2010 ESR (“Enhanced Sniper Rifle”), developed by Remington itself with the assistance of the U.S. Army PEO Soldier, represents an upgrade of the classic Remington 700 / M-24 bolt-action long-range rifle system, and entered limited service in 2011, with a first batch of 3,600 samples to be delivered within 2012. The XM-2010 ESR currently represents the mainstay of the U.S. Army sniping capabilities, being the latest and most modern weapon available to Americaʼs finest shooters. The manufacturing company, Remington, will now deliver an indefinite quantity of spare parts for the XM-2010 ESR to the United States Army at a firm fixed-price.

Remington XM-2010
Developed with decisive imput from active service military personnel, Remingtonʼs XM-2010 represents the mainstay of U.S. Armyʼs sniping equipment since 2011

«This contract is representative of Remington’s strong and growing presence into our Country’s military markets and we look forward to putting the best weapons systems possible in the hands of our U.S. Military», said John Day, Vice President, Remington Defense.

«There is great pride in knowing that our products will continue to be used to defend freedom around the world. Moreover, our workforce understands the incredible responsibility that comes with this honor. We look forward to bringing only the highest quality and most innovative products to the men and women who serve us and protect the American way of life».

The XM-2010 ESR is an evolutionary leap in precision engagement, capability and survivability. It was designed and developed specifically for the sustained harsh environment of the modern battlefield using state-of-the-art technology, manufacturing processes and corrosion resistant materials.

Remington XM-2010
Jointly developed by Remington and PEO-Soldier, the XM-2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle represents the quantum of evolution of the classic Remington 700/M-24 system

«Remington has long been considered the world leader in sniper rifles and our history and proven commitment to developing, manufacturing and supporting high quality, precision weapons systems has made our company uniquely qualified to execute this contract», said Colonel Otto Weigl (USMC, ret.), Senior Vice President, Remington Government and Legislative Affairs.

«We are proud to continue this leadership role in bringing only the finest made-in-America weaponry to our nation’s warfighters».

The Remington Arms Company is part of the Freedom Group of Companies − controlled by Cerberus Capital Management, L/P − since 2007, and represents one of the Groupʼs mainstays, offering both civilian and Military/LE firearms and ammunition lines. The Remington Military Products Division has been founded in 2009, and now offers a wide array of specialized firearms including the 870-MCS modular combat shotgun system, the MSR and R11-SASS sniper rifles, and the famous ACR adaptive combat rifle, whose latest version is running in the IC (“Individual Carbine”) Program competition to become the next unified U.S. service rifle platform in replacement of the M16/M4 series. The XM-2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle is produced at Remington’s core rifle manufacturing facility in Ilion, New York, and so will be the contracted spare parts.