Insight Technology GLIS

Developed and built by Insight Technology - Warrior Systems Division of L3 Communications under direct imput of the U.S. Army PEO-Soldier (Program Executive Office for the development and fielding of new-generation weapons and equipments), this rifle-mounted laser designator has lost the U.S. Army GLIS competition, whose contract has been conquered by B.E. Meyers, and is now being offered as a MOTS (Military Off-The-Shelf) export product for NATO and other US-friendly countries to supplement other laser target designators such as the AN/PEQ series.

GLIS is an acronym for “Green Laser Interdiction System”; it is a weapon-mounted device that will interface on any MIL-STD-1913 “Picatinny” rail and will emit a visible green-light laser to work as basically any other target designator, improving first-shot accuracy especially in close-quarters combat or high-intensity firefights when there might be no time nor way to “normally” aim at the target, and to help other friendly forces in spotting and identifying threats even from great distances or from helicopters, aircrafts or UAVs.

The main use the GLIS has been conceived for is however the scalar force and non-lethal crowd control. The GLIS laser beam comes set to a specific wavelength that makes it an extremely effective dazzler, capable of disorienting a human being up to 300 metres away. It will thus turn especially useful in anti-piracy operations and to divert, disrupt, or delay potential threats before they can engage friendly forces. It is also an effective, non-lethal means to warn civilians that they are approaching a zone of military operations.