AF1-R Strike AUTO and LRC-2

LRC-2 platform
The LRC-2 platform with a 300mm barrel, that can be used indifferently with the Strike One and AF1-R

The introduction video shows how the AF1-R becomes the first selective-fire pistol that is really controllable in full automatic mode on the market today, thanks to the extremely high rate of fire and the in line barrel that sits lowest on the hand grip in history, peculiar to the Strike One.

The flexibility and enhanced performance of the Strike Auto are also clearly seen in the LRC-2 Long Range Conversion system, offering real extended range through the implementation of a 300 mm (12 inch) barrel in the kit.

The Strike One semiautomatic pistol and Strike Auto selective-fire pistol are the first handgun platform able to offer reliable, safe operation with a 300 mm barrel, bringing full useable range of the pistols up to 100 metres and beyond.