Aimpoint 2013 New Products

Showcased only to select media members, and military and LE operators at IWA, the Aimpoint FCS12 is a Fire Control System for weapons like the recoilless Carl Gustav and Panzerfaust as well as Automatic Grenade Launchers and other support weapons.

The operator aims at the target on a direct line-of-sight, which allows both eyes open. The optical axis between the eye and the target is not broken or linked by use of prisms.The sight contains an eye safe 1550 nm LRF (Laser Range Finder), a ballistic computer with the capability to store up to 50 different ballistic algorithms, and a parallax free optical channel with unlimited eye relief.
The FCS12 compensates automatically for the ballistic drop of projectiles at measured distances, factoring in variables such as: rotational (spin) drift, propellant temperature and angle of fire.
The system consists of two separate modules — the sight and a remote grip interface which transmit commands to the sight via a wireless link.

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