Wilson Combat-SIG Sauer WCP320 Carry, the perfected P320 becomes compact too

0.75 inches (19 mm) shorter, 2.5 ounces (70 g) lighter: Wilson Combat has just announced the second Wilson Combat enhanced P320 9mm semi-automatic pistol, the WCP320 Carry. The full-size WPC320 was introduced a couple of months ago: the product of a collaboration with SIG Sauer, it was based on a completely reworked Sig Sauer P320 chassis and unfinished SIG manufactured slides. The idea behind this improved and enhanced P320 is to build the “ideal version of a perfected high-performance striker-fired pistol”.

The WCP320 Carry with a black polymer grip
The WCP320 Carry is also available with a black polymer grip module.
Magazine of the Wilson Combat-SIG Sauer WCP320 Carry
Magazine well is beveled for easier magazine changes.

WCP320 Carry, shorter and lighter

The name says it all: this is a gun intended for everyday carry. As mentioned above, in fact, compared to the standard WCP320 the WCP320 Carry is a tad bit shorter and lighter. The chrome-moly steel barrel is shorter too (3.9”/99 mm instead of 4.7"/119 mm), with a sight radius of 5.75”.  Magazine capacity, however, is the same – 17 rounds – which is a good thing.

Wilson Combat-SIG WCP320 Carry right side view
The idea behind the WCP320 series is to build the “ideal version of a perfected high-performance striker-fired pistol”.

Just like its sibling the WCP320 Carry is built on a Wilson grip module – in this case the newly-developed Wilson Combat P320 Carry II Module, available with a choice of black or tan color – whose length is the same of the full-size pistol for maximum comfort. Magazine well is beveled for quicker and easier magazine changes, and thanks to the undercut front strap, the grip allows for improved pointability and recoil control.

The Wilson Combat Battlesight of the WCP320 Carry
The WCP320 Carry features Wilson Combat's Battlesight with red fiber optic front sight.

Other highlights include a Wilson Combat X-TAC P320 Carry slide with machine bevels, black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) finish on slide and barrel, X-TAC Pattern front and rear cocking serrations as well as on slide top, and Wilson's signature Starbust pattern on grip sides. Wilson Combat Battlesight with red fiber optic front sight and a rail for mounting light or laser round off the gun's equipment. A special serial number range with WC prefix, a SIG factory magazine release and slide stop, plus a SIG P320 X-Full Size steel trigger that gives shooters a lower finger position on the trigger for a lighter, smoother trigger pull, are further interesting touches.

This is an appealing carry gun, no doubt. But as you probably guessed, so many features come at a price: in the US the WCP320 Carry can be yours for 1195 USD, just like the full-size WCP320 (price includes two 17-round X-Series magazines). Adding 155 USD (for a total price of 1350 USD) you can further tune your gun with Grayguns custom trigger parts

Wilson Combat-SIG WCP320 Carry in video

Wilson Combat-SIG WCP320 Carry specs and prices

9mm Luger (9x19mm)
Magazine Capacity: 
17 rounds 
Barrel Length:
3.9”/99 mm 
Overall Length: 
7.5”/190 mm 
Sight Radius: 
5.75”/146 mm
5.5”/140 mm 
1.5”/38 mm 
Weight Empty: 
26.8 oz/760 g
Weight Loaded:
34.2 oz 
Price (MSRP):
1195 USD (1350 USD with optional Grayguns custom trigger parts)
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