Wilson ACP, a new pistol series in .45 ACP and 9mm

An entirely new pistol series named “American Combat Pistol” (ACP) by Wilson Combat, a well-known manufacturer of high performance custom 1911 handguns. The ACP acronym obviously recalls the most-loved of all American calibers, the .45 ACP. Actually, the new guns will be available in both .45 ACP and 9mm Luger. More interestingly, the base prices are 2495 USD for the .45 ACP pistols and 2595 USD for the 9mm versions. With the ACP series, Wilson is in fact offering a refined yet affordable product thanks to reduced customer selected options that streamlines production and enables a lower price to the end user.

“Reduced options” does not mean poor choice, anyway: besides the two calibers, the ACP pistol are available in Full Size, Commander and Compact versions with 5” / 127 mm, 4.25” / 108 mm and 4” / 101 mm barrels respectively. Customer Options are just limited to finish, sight choice and grip choice (black or black/gray only). 

Video: Wilson Combat ACP pistol series

Wilson American Combat Pistols in Full Size, Commander and Combat versions

In the ACP series the new Eagle Claw grip stands out. It's a non-abrasive, tactile grip that, according to the manufacturer, should be “easy on your hands and clothing during extended range trips and every day carry”. The Eagle Grip extends from the G10 grips to the frontstrap and mainspring housing, and also appears on the slide in form of cocking serrations, giving these guns an unmistakable look.

Wilson ACP, a new pistol series in .45 ACP and 9mm
The ACP series also include a Commander version with 4.25" barrel...
Wilson ACP, a new pistol series in .45 ACP and 9mm
...and a Compact version with 4" barrel. Magazine capacity is 7 rounds (.45 ACP) or 8 rounds (9mm) for the Compact, and 8 rounds (.45 ACP) or 10 rounds (9mm) for the full size/Commander versions.

The ACP series pistols are made from Armor Tuff finished carbon steel. Armor Tuff provides a non-reflective tactical surface finish a nominal thickness of between .0003″ and .0009″, guaranteeing optimum corrosion protection, abrasion resistance and enhanced lubricity. Every handgun is phosphate parkerized before being sprayed with this protective coat. Slide, frame and barrels are Wilson's latest generation forged parts and are hand fitted. Beavertail grip safety, magazine release button and thumb safety are 100% machined Bullet Proof components.

Wilson ACP pistol: Eagle Claw grip
Note the Eagle Claw grip that extends from the G10 grips to the frontstrap and mainspring housing, and on the cocking serrations too.

The new Wilson's handguns are equipped with Battlesights with fiber optic front sight. In the full size and Commander ACP versions, the magazine capacity is 8 rounds (.45 ACP) or 10 rounds (9mm). The Compact has a capacity of 7 rounds (.45 ACP) or 8 rounds (9mm). Magazine well is contoured in all versions.

Thanks to their flush cut, stainless steel match grade barrels, the ACP pistols come with an accuracy guarantee of 1”/2.5 cm at 25 yards.

The manufacturer's claim is, “the ACP brings Wilson Combat quality to more American shooters than ever before.” From what we can see, they are true to their claim.