New Springfield Armory 1911 Garrison pistol in 9mm

Springfield Armory expands its 1911 pistol lineup with the Garrison in 9mm caliber. 

New Springfield Armory 1911 Garrison pistol in 9mm
The stainless steel Garrison features rugged rust-resistant quality.

Already offered in .45 ACP, the Garrison is “a modern take on John Moses Browning’s timeless 1911 handgun design. Incorporating cutting-edge engineering and materials science into the archetypal defensive pistol”, in the manufacturer's words. The claim here is “to offer high-end custom quality at a working man’s price”

Two 9mm versions are now also available, in classic hot salt blued carbon steel or rust-resistant stainless steel choices. In both cases, you'll get forged and slide for better durability. Classic checkered thinline wood grips featuring a double-diamond pattern with the “Crossed Cannon” logo  round off the Garrison 1911's familiar aesthetics.

Springfield Armory Garrison, classic & modern

New Springfield Armory 1911 Garrison pistol in 9mm
The Garrison in the blued carbon steel version. Note the subtle matte finish on the rounds and the high polish on the flats.

As mentioned, the Springfield Armory Garrison has undoubtedly a true-to-the-archetype, “orthodox” appearance for a 1911-style pistol, including a 5-inch barrel forged from stainless steel and machined to competition standards. But it is not lacking in modern enhancements either. Such as the single-sided extended thumb safety that allows for easy manipulation, the low-profile high-visibility three-dot sights, the skeletonized hammer that provides ultra-fast lock times, or the accompanying  lightened trigger (to prevent trigger bounce).

Besides providing a more comfortable and  consistent grip, the extended beavertail prevents the feared “hammer bite” – also a “classic”, but not so well liked by 1911 fans.

New Springfield Armory 1911 Garrison pistol in 9mm
Sights are the low-profile high-visibility three-dot type.

The single-stack magazine has a capacity of nine 9mm rounds – not astounding, but enough for any realistic self-defense scenario.

In terms of finish, both the carbon steel blued and stainless steel versions of the Garrison feature a subtle matte finish on the rounds and a high polish on the flats, with a pleasing and nifty contrast which, in the case of the slide top, also reduces unwanted glaring when aiming.

With a single 9-round magazine, the Garrison can be yours at a price of $849 for the blued version or $899 for the stainless steel one. 

Are these “working man’s prices” as claimed by Springfield Armory? You are the judge. The quality seems to be there, anyway.

Springfield Armory 9mm 1911 Garrison specs and prices

Blued carbon steel of stainless-steel
Barrel Length: 
5"/127 mm
Low profile combat 3-dot
Thinline wood
Magazine Capacity:
9 rounds
Overall Length: 
8.6"/218 mm
5.5"/140 mm
38 oz/1077 g
$849 blued, $899 stainless steel