Smith & Wesson M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E."

Smith & Wesson M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E"
The M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E" pistols are available in 9mm and .40-caliber, 4.25-inch and 5-inch barrel versions

Smith & Wesson, one of America's best known firearms manufacturers, launched the first models of the M&P "Military & Police" semi-automatic striker-fired, polymer-frame pistols line in Summer 2005. Ever since then, the M&P pistols enjoyed an incredible popularity between professional security operators, military personnel, police officers and civilians alike. The last addition to the line, based on the popular Pro Series line of competition ready firearms, is the new "Pro-Series C.O.R.E" (Competition Optics Ready Equipment) array of models, offering consumers a specialized platform for adding accessory optics to their personal handguns. Engineered to accept six popular styles of competition based optics, the M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E" models are easily adapted to meet any demand. At the foundation of the new M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E." line resides a specialized mounting platform on the slide of the pistol that can be conveniently changed to match the desired optic. Through the use of removable brackets, consumers are able to simply install the corresponding mounting screws to achieve the precise fit and height required. Designed to work in conjunction with the Trijicon RMR, C-More STS, Leupold DeltaPoint, Docter, Insight MRDS and JPoint, the M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E." pistols offer quick and custom sight installation for the industry’s top aftermarket red-dot sight manufacturers.

The new Smith & Wesson M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E." pistols are available in both 9mm and .40-Smith&Wesson calibers, with either a 4.25 or 5-inch barrel configuration. Engineered as a true competition platform, each model will retain original design features including a polymer frame with a through-hardened stainless steel slide and barrel, ambidextrous operating controls, striker fire action and Melonite finish. For improved handling the M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E." models feature a new textured interchangeable back strap with prominent stippling. Three patented palmswell grips are supplied with each pistol, providing shooters the ability to tailor the grip size to their personal preference.

Smith & Wesson M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E"
A distinctive feature of the "Pro-Series C.O.R.E." pistols: a universal mounting bracket for low-profile optical sights

For improved accuracy and precise shot placement during competition, the M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E." pistols are standard with a Performance Center sear. The specialized sear allows for a crisp 4.5 pound trigger pull along with a faster, defined reset in between shots. On top of the slide, Smith & Wesson has added higher sights that can be used in concordance with the mounted optic. Other standard features of the new pistols include a crowned muzzle for improved accuracy, picatinny-style equipment rail and reversible magazine release. Internal features of the new M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E." pistols from Smith & Wesson remain consistent with the original design and include a stainless steel internal chassis designed to reduce flex while also providing a stable shooting platform. The M&P pistol’s low-bore axis helps maintain ease-of-use and a comfortable feel and the passive trigger safety prevents the pistol from firing if dropped regardless of angle. A sear release lever eliminates the need to press the trigger in order to disassemble and the simple take down lever is located on the left side of the frame. A loaded chamber indicator is present on top of the slide and rear scalloped slide serrations enable easy firearm manipulation.

The Smith & Wesson M&P "Pro-Series C.O.R.E." pistols are already available on international market, with an MSRP of 729.00US$ in the United States. Inquiries about pricing and availability elsewhere in thre world are to be placed directly with local distributors and dealers − contact Smith & Wesson International to find out more.